What Does TikTok’s Clean Look Trend Entail? Here’s What You Need to Know

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You may have seen the term ‘clean look’ doing the rounds on TikTok. It refers to a new makeup trend that doesn’t have anything to do with clean beauty products but rather is all about achieving a flawless no-makeup makeup look that one pairs with specific accessories.

If you’re wondering how this trend manifests into a single look, the desired outcome is something along the lines of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Laura Harrier, Hailey Bieber and Zendaya. The ‘clean’ makeup goal is dewy skin, fluffy brows and flushed cheeks, which one wears alongside a middle part, slicked hair, dainty gold jewellery, monochrome clothing and large sunglasses.

How was this term coined exactly? Well, according to The Cut, the trend started earlier this year but really became popular on TikTok recently when model and TikTok user Eva Rankin replied to a comment that said “you look so clean” with a tutorial video that featured her clean beauty look.


Reply to @yoodaddydre how to achieve the ✨clean✨ look ib: @millieleer #cleanmakeup

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The momentum on this trend has picked up exponentially on TikTok, with #cleanlook now having over 16 million views. But, the ethos behind the clean look isn’t all that groundbreaking. You basically want to amp up the dewiness and luminosity on your face with the help of serums and highlighters, much like the soft girl makeup trend.

Gentle contouring can be used, and a creamy blush is essential to create a flushed look. When it comes to brows, these must be styled upwards with a brow gel or wax and your eyes should be kept simple with just a little mascara. As for the lips, pop on a shiny lip gloss in a subtle colour.

The steps that set the clean look apart from soft girl makeup is the hair and accessories. Your hair should be parted in the middle and be pulled back off your face, with most TikTok users opting for a claw hair clip. Any pesky flyaways should be slicked down. The final touch is jewellery, with the preference being delicate gold accessories, usually small hoops and a necklace.

Pop on a pair of oversized black shades and you’re ready to go and about while doing your best Hailey Bieber impression. While the clean look sounds easy enough to replicate, it is largely built around those who fit the beauty ideal — think a slim face and nose, long straight hair and flawless, poreless skin.

It’s not exactly the most inclusive of trends. To correct this, some POC TikTok creators have taken to producing their own clean looks that take different skin tones and hair textures into account.

So there you have it — that’s the clean look, according to TikTok. It definitely plays in the same space as “main character” and “That Girl” energy but the makeup look itself is one we can definitely get on board with!

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