The Super Simple Makeup Trick We Use to Fake a Jawline

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There is an abundance of contouring tips and tricks on the internet. There are instructions for using powder products, tutorials explaining how to use dots to create definition in your face and many ways of applying cream products to achieve chiselled cheekbones. Our current favourite contouring hack comes courtesy of TikTok.

We discovered this handy trick via the Tarte Cosmetics TikTok account, which has so many helpful makeup tips and tricks and is definitely worth a follow to pick up various tidbits about makeup application. This particular video is a duet with another TikTok creator called Megan Lavallie, who created the original contouring hack.

This method involves using a cream bronzer and painting it across the bottom of your jar in a thick line to help define your chin and jawline. Both Lavallie and the Tarte team also draw a small triangle in this line as well, which you can see in the video below. Then, place a short line of contour directly under your cheekbone and blend the product in with a makeup sponge or brush.

Then, take your concealer and swipe a thin line under your cheekbone to really define the area. Blend that in and you’re done!

What we love about this ridiculously simple trick is that it doesn’t involve any elaborate layering of products (think of the way Kim Kardashian approaches contouring!) and you only need a few products to execute it: a bronzer or contour product, a blending tool and some concealer.

And, for contouring novices such as us, this hack doesn’t require any advanced makeup skills to truly make an impact. If you’re wanting to upgrade your contouring skills, try this for yourself and you’ll have a defined jaw in no time.

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