12 TikTok-Famous Beauty Brands to Have on Your Radar

Getty / Larysa Vdovychenko

TikTok’s ever-growing presence shows no signs of slowing down. From unique lifestyle hacks to viral dance moves, the social media platform has provided hours of entertainment and endless scrolling since it burst onto the scene in 2017. And now it’s influencing our shopping habits, too. Through the thousands of creative short-form videos posted each week, there’s been a boom of smaller businesses able to break through the mass-marketing noise of competitors and speak directly to consumers, and beauty is arguably leading the way.

When TikTok Shop first launched in the UK in 2021, there was some scepticism growing around it. At first, users were unsure if they were a trusted source to buy from. But over time, it has become increasingly popular amongst sellers and consumers. The rise of TikTok Live streams has also meant that shoppers can see the product they are interested in being used in a beauty demo, before purchasing the product – which has only continued to build trust amongst consumers. In fact, research suggests that over half of TikTok users (55 percent) have purchased a product after seeing it on TikTok Live.

Through initiatives such as “Small Wins”, a video series showing business owners how to best use the platform; partnering with SMB (small- and medium-size business) educational platforms like Hello Alice to provide information on digital marketing; and simply giving brands the opportunity for people to connect with others around the world, TikTok has opened the floodgates to a new age of marketing.

There are a number of beauty brands who have harnessed the social power of the app and used authentic promotion to create tight-knit communities – and they are thriving. But which brands are worth having on your radar? Read ahead to learn about the beauty brands booming on our feed right now.

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