Create Your Own Skinny French Manicure At Home With This Easy Hack

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If there’s one skill you picked up while spending increased time at home over the last year, chances are it has something to do with beauty. From DIY facials to at-home haircuts and nail art, while salons were closed, we were forced to get creative. As such, there are an abundance of beauty-related hacks on the internet — and specifically TikTok. There is pretty much a hack or trick for everything — especially in the world of nails.

From nail art inspiration to advice on how to keep your nail polish from going gloopy and ways to prevent your nail polish from chipping, there is something for every possible nail-related query. The latest hack that we’re adding to the list is once again thanks to the genius of TikTok creators.

The French manicure has experienced a resurgence in popularity recently, with both the deep French mani and the skinny French doing the rounds online. And now, TikTok has shown us an easy way to create a skinny French manicure. Thanks to Stylist, who spotted this handy hack, we can now recreate this look at home.

To do so, all you need is a bottle of nail polish and you’re good to go. Once you’ve painted your base nail colour, take the polish colour you want as the shade of your nail tips and paint a little bit on the back of your thumb (on the skin). Then you simply press the tip of the nail into the polish to create a line. While it’s quite hard to explain, the below video will show you just how straightforward the technique is.

To ensure the polish is thin and doesn’t become clumpy, only paint a small amount on your skin. Stylist also recommends using a cotton tip dipped in nail polish remover to take the polish off your skin as this way you won’t ruin your manicure by using a cotton pad. It’s that easy!


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