Have You Tried Facial Massage With a Whole Frozen Cucumber? TikTok Is Recommending It

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There are many sentences we never thought we’d write, and, unsurprisingly, most of them are to do with TikTok. This entry in ‘weird trends gracing the app‘, TikTok users are freezing whole cucumbers to use as you would a gua sha for facial massage. Seems straightforward enough.

Alexa Loebel, who is credited with starting the fruit as skincare trend, says that using a frozen cucumber gives her a “natural dewy glow” and has even attributed the hack to helping reduce puffiness, redness, the appearance of pores and acne.

While we’re not sold on the ability of a frozen cucumber to help reduce instances of acne, we can get around that it would prove helpful for lymphatic drainage and the reduction of puffiness in the face, much like a gua sha does.

Loebel prefers using this method in morning and she pops a whole cucumber into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, then using the cut side of the fruit, simply glides it around her face until she’s achieved her desired results. Then, she follows it up by applying a vitamin C serum and SPF.

According to Dazed Beauty, one Tiktok user by the name of Emma Freece said that after using the hack for 17 days straight, her fine lines looked less noticeable. Freece says she cuts off the end of the cucumber each day to prevent bacteria growth.

While it sounds like fun and games, it’s probably best you keep your cucumber use strictly for eating. Rubbing the fruit on your face could cause irritation for some people and it’s going to do a better job at hydrating your body when eaten as opposed to being rubbed on your skin.

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