Forget Lip Liner, This TikTok Hack Uses Fake Tan to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

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Overdrawing your lips with lip liner to create the illusion of a fuller pout isn’t a new idea, but TikTok users have started using a different product to achieve this look: Fake tan.

Yep, Tiktokers are outlining their lips with fake tan to create a defined look that is a little more permanent.

According to Dazed, this method — which recently went viral — involves taking a small brush (like a thin lip brush) and dipping it into a liquid tan. Then it is carefully applied to just outside your lip line, much the same way you would with a lip pencil.

Let the tan develop for a couple of hours (and try to avoid smudging the area while eating or drinking) before wiping away to reveal an outline around your lips. While it might sound a little wild, the darker colour creates the illusion of shadow around your lips, making them look fuller and more defined.


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Follow this up with a neutral lipstick to finish the look! If the more permanent nature of fake tan (compared to lip liner) feels intimidating — which we totally get! — you can also create a similar look with bronzer. Using a thin brush, lightly outline your lips with bronzer or contour powder to create a similar shadowy effect.

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