Your Guide to the #SpaNightRoutine Trend That Is All Over TikTok Right Now

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As far as TikTok beauty trends go, there are a plethora of weird and wonderful things to try. While facial cupping, Farrah Fawcett-inspired hair and using fake tan to make your lips look bigger are all handy hacks, there are other trends that are downright dangerous like sunscreen contouring and DIY acupuncture on the face.

One recent trend to take off on TikTok is #SpaNightRoutine and we have to say, we’re totally here for this one. The concept behind this hashtag is simple: You engage in some self-care (think fluffy headbands, face masks and cucumber rounds on the eyes) but the key difference here is you treat your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, best friend or whoever really to the experience.

While it might sound fairly simple, this trend has seriously taken off on the app with the #SpaNightRoutine content racking up over 796 million views. Wild! As Bustle explains, these videos typically start by someone showing a number of face mask and beauty product options, followed by the actual facial experience itself.


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In terms of a #SpaNightRoutine recipe, it seems that sheet masks are integral as are under-eye masks, lip masks, and in some cases, actual cucumber rounds that are rested on the eyes. A headband is also necessary and many people use rose quartz or jade roller to really add to the experience.

If you’re lucky, some spa organisers have also included a pedicure in the spa night mix, which seems deliciously luxurious. Another must-have for these videos is the backing music, which is You Got It by Vedo and as Bustle pointed out, includes the crucial line “get ya glow girl”, which is arguably the goal of #SpaNightRoutine (oh and relaxing, of course).

While *self-care* might feel like an overused term, there’s no doubt that #SpaNightRoutine brings together a number of pretty lovely elements to create a relaxing night for you and someone special. We know what we’re doing tonight!

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