Layer Up to Level Up Your Lashes


Makeup experimentation is all a part of the process, and there’s no need to shy away from mixing and matching your favourite products. Mascaras, often the unsung heroes in our makeup bags, possess the transformative magic to redefine how our lashes appear. And while a single tube can work wonders, a viral trend that can take your lash game to new lengths (in more ways than one) has emerged on the internet — mascara cocktailing.


Replying to @Jas Hannigan Layering Your Mascaras = Levelled Up Lashes There’s nothing like @Maybelline New York Mascaras 🫶🏽👏🏽 Truly this is my favourite layering technique for the perfect combination of length and volume! Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara follower by Colossal Mascara = perfection 🥰😍 #levelupyourlashes #ad #maybellineaunz #cleangirllashes #lashroutine #mascralayering

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This trending technique empowers you to customise your lashes with precision. It taps into the unique benefits and effects of various mascara wands and formulas and combining them to create a lash look ideal for your personal style.

Here are the best mascara layering combinations from Australia’s number one mascara brand, Maybelline — as recommended by celebrity makeup artist Jade Kisnorbo Shannon.


Think Maybelline, you know mascara and for good reason! They are the best mascaras on the market, and better yet, are affordable! My favourite of the range is the Lash Sensational Sky High it gives extreme length and is my go to for myself as well as a hero product I use on all of my clients. We all know I also love a good mascara cocktail! I apply one layer of Sky High and then go in with The Colossal mascara for added volume to achieve that trending clean girl lash look.

— Jade Kisnorbo, Maybelline New York and Celebrity Makeup Artist.

For a Volume Boost, Pair Maybelline Sky High Mascara With a Layer of Colossal

You say “the more volume, the better” and we agree. So let me teach you how to customise your lash with a dynamic, volume-boosting mascara cocktail that assures extraordinary results.

Embark on this lash journey by applying the world’s number one mascara, Maybelline Sky High, which will deliver a lash base with limitless length. Now that you have a canvas of sky-reaching lashes as the starting point, layer on Maybelline Colossal mascara, which is enriched with collagen for optimal lash health under multiple coats.


Topping your Sky High layer with Collosal will give your long lashes a boost of volume, and help you achieve a sultry look that’ll unlock confidence with every flutter.

For an Extra Length Boost, Pair Maybelline Falsies Surreal With a Layer of Sky High

Who doesn’t want long, envy-inducing lashes? For achieving a lash look of unprecedented length with mascara alone, check out this winning combination.

Start this lash transformation with Maybelline Falsies Surreal Extensions mascara, a powerhouse that enhances the appearance of your lashes by a remarkable 36%, simultaneously boosting their volume by ten times. Now that your base layer is complete, elevate the look and elongate your lashes even further by customising it with the best-selling Maybelline Sky High mascara on top. Adding this will give you limitless length, ensuring your lashes become an irresistible feature.


Fair warning — after you try this, you might want to say goodbye to using just one mascara product, because this dynamic duo is a game-changer.

For a Drama Boost, Pair Maybelline Colossal With a Layer of Falsies Surreal

Our final customisation using this viral trend is perfect for anyone who loves to ensure their eyes are the focal point of their face in daytime, and evening looks. Start with the Maybelline Colossal mascara, which offers impressive volume thanks to its collagen-infused formula. This means you’ll be rocking striking, voluminous lashes before you even start the layering process.

Then, if you want to add a touch of drama — for a date, a night out with the inner circle or even just to enhance your daytime makeup even further — layer your look with Maybelline Falsies Surreal mascara.


The limitless length Falsies Surreal is renowned for will emphasise the volume created by Colossal even more, which means all the boldness, drama and dimension you’ve dreamed of — courtesy of two absolutely iconic mascaras by Maybelline.


My Mascara hack with @Maybelline New York – thank me later #maybellineaunz #levelupyourlashes AD

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So there you have it. Three mascara cocktailing combinations to help you try the viral trend and have your lash look evolve into a versatile masterpiece. Experiment, experience and discover how customising your lashes to perfection will help you achieve a look that’s uniquely yours.

Layer up, and watch your lashes level up with Australia’s number one mascara brand, Maybelline. Discover more products to combine and try here.

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