Forget Zoom Trivia, Grab Your BFF and Book a Virtual Makeup Consult With Trinny London

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When stay-at-home orders and lockdowns are announced, it’s not too long before there’s talk of virtual drinks and Zoom trivia. And, while we love a little trivia sesh, there are other ways to spend time virtually with your pals and it can actually involve something you both love: makeup. The last 18 months have shown just how quickly brands can pivot, with a number of our favourite beauty brands providing pandemic-friendly offerings.

One such brand is Trinny London. Founded by fashion expert and TV personality Trinny Woodall in 2017, the brand offers portable, stackable, high-quality, personalised makeup in a variety of fun colours and innovative products. The nature of the packaging means it’s easy to take with you whenever you go — from the office to a weekend away.

What started as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic is now an important part of the business, with Trinny London offering personalised Virtual Makeup Appointments. This allows you to have a one-on-one appointment with a Trinny London Pro Makeup Artist, who will help pick the best shades and colours just for you. And, the Trinny London team also offer a Duo Virtual Appointment, so you and your bestie can have a combined appointment — the perfect virtual hang, in our opinion!

The one-hour appointment costs approximately AUD $83 (£45) and your Trinny London Pro Makeup Artist will take you through the Match2Me tool and help pick out the perfect products and colours, while also offering advice, tips and tricks on perfecting your makeup application.

Appointments are fully redeemable against Trinny London products, with both you and your pal receiving a voucher code. And, when you split the appointment cost, you’re spending just over $40 each. Simply book in a time that suits you via the Trinny London website and you’re good to go. As this service is based in the UK, it’s recommended you choose an early morning or late in the day appointment that works with the time differences.

If you and your makeup-enthusiast pals have ever wanted to pick the brain of a makeup artist, now is your chance! And for those currently in lockdown, this is a perfect activity to pass the time and up your makeup wisdom.

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