Is Rita Ora’s Typebea the Best Celeb Beauty Range Yet? This Beauty Editor Thinks So

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When I first heard singer-songwriter Rita Ora was launching a haircare brand I will happily admit my eyes rolled. I couldn’t help but wonder why we needed another celebrity beauty brand and if I remember correctly the last time the singer put her name to a hair product it went down like an, erm, lead balloon (RIP Rita X Lidl hair tools.) However, I was intrigued when I noticed beauty entrepreneur Anna Lahey, founder of successful beauty ingestible brand Vida Glow, was involved and it persuaded me to put my bias aside and give it a try. In turns out my gut instinct was correct and I will be the first to admit when I am wrong. And wow, was I wrong.

The last time I was this impressed with a celebrity hair brand was when Jennifer Aniston invested in, and later sold her stake to product giant Unilever, Living Proof, which since its buy out has evolved into one of the best hair care ranges ever. And believe me, the fact that I’m even putting the two in the same sentence says a lot about how I feel about Typebea – and why I urge you to put any of your preconceptions aside and run, don’t walk, to try it for yourself.

Read on to why I think this is one of the most impressive celebrity beauty ranges yet and why it gave me my best at-home hair ever.

About Typebea Hair Products

  • Typebea regards itself as a high-performance haircare brand co-founded by Rita Ora and global beauty entrepreneur Anna Lahey. It has taken the pair three years to formulate the range of four products clinically proven to benefit hair growth.
  • The range includes a shampoo (£23), conditioner (£23), hydro-gloss treatment mask (£26) and overnight boosting peptide serum (£43).
  • The range claims to work for all hair types and support hair growth and strength rather than a finished look

    What I Like About Typebea Hair Products

    Where do I start? The first products I used were the shampoo and the hair mask. The range recommended I didn’t need the conditioner so I took its advice and used the hair mask for three minutes after the shampoo. Straight away I noticed there wasn’t a distinct scent to the products. I found this quite unusual, especially for a premium haircare range, as these always tends to really focus on the experience of the shampoo and mask. However, I found it weirdly comforting that there were no ingredients added for the sake of it, or without a distinct benefit to my hair.

    Ok, I need to talk about the lid of the shampoo and conditioner. My house is the land of the lost lids. A lid rarely makes it past a week or so once it’s crossed the threshold of my abode and I can only assume they must go to live with the odd socks and tupperware boxes. Which is why the screw-top lid which doesn’t need to be removed is possibly one of the simplest, yet cleverest things I have seen. No more fiddling around in the shower trying to remove a lid or trying to get it from the floor.

    As I dried my hair, I found I didn’t need any other hair products to style it. I always like to push new products as far as I can when I first try them and try to avoid using any styling products if its a new shampoo or hair mask. Believe me, Typebea passed the test. My hair was sleek and shiny, yet it wasn’t heavy or weighed down, honestly I think my hair looked the best it has in a very long time. It looked healthy, full, and glossy, without a hint of grease or heaviness. It also felt completely natural, yet was not my actual natural texture, which if left to dry on its own can be a bit frizzy and all over the place.

    I need to add how chic the packaging is. There is no mention of Rita anywhere, so if celeb brands aren’t your thing it is irrelevant as this just looks like a really cool, shelf-friendly range that anyone would be proud to have in their bathroom.

    How to Use Typebea Hair Products

    The shampoo and conditioner is to be used as per normal and the mask suggests a minimum of three minutes, however it can be left on longer if you wish. Personally I found three minutes did the job. However, it is the leave-in scalp treatment which really impressed me. It says on the box it can be applied to dirty or clean hair, before bed and it won’t have any affect on your hair in the morning. It also recommends using 1ml. When I read the box I instantly wondered how I would measure this amount, but the pipette measures it for you. It’s another sign that this range really was well thought-about from a customer’s perspective. I can confirm both mornings I didn’t notice any difference, although I would say after using it on the clean hair before bed I woke up and my hair looked like it had just been washed. The shine was really natural and my hair had retained its just-washed finish.

    What to Consider Before Trying Typebea Hair Products

    The range claims to help growth and length – I have only used the products twice so I can’t confirm this is true or false, although as my hair looked so healthy and shiny it did appear longer. I also can’t speak for any other hair type as I just tried it on my relatively thick, wavy hair. I would love to see it on a few different hair types, however I am quite confident it would work for a wide variety as it isn’t too heavy for thin and fine hair or too drying for curly and coiled locks.

    Where Is Typebea Available?

    Typebea is available from Typebea, Sephora and Selfridges.


    Lauren Ezekiel is an associate editor at PS UK, where she writes about all things beauty and wellness. With a degree in journalism and 12 years’ experience as a beauty editor at a leading Sunday supplement, she is obsessed with skincare, hair and makeup, and is often found offering advice to innocent bystanders. Her work has been published in Grazia, OK, Health and Beauty, The Sun, ASDA, Dare and Metro.

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