Forget Cherry Cola Hair, It’s Vanilla Coke Blonde Season

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It’s a well-known fact that I am a Diet Coke girlie. Actually, I’d go a step further and say I’m a Coca-Cola Company girlie. Vanilla, lime, cherry – if it’s fizzy, I’ll drink it. I’m also a coloured hair girlie. Blue, pink, purple and even green, there’s not a colour I haven’t tried at some point (whether it was on purpose or not is another question). So, when I heard about the Coca-Cola Flavour Parlour taking over Not Another Salon this week, I knew I had to book in.

Not Another Salon is one of East London’s loudest and proudest hair salons, known for vivid colours and its “no judgement” policy. It was actually the first UK salon to offer a silent haircut, for those who dread the “got any holidays planned?” small talk with their hairdresser, but it was the mirrorless option which caught my attention when booking. Is there anything worse than staring at yourself in the mirror for five hours when getting your hair done? I don’t think so. Hence why I jumped at the opportunity to add this option to my appointment.

I was lucky enough to book in with Sophia Hilton, the founder of the salon. As I’m trying to keep my hair on the natural side at the moment, I opted for the vanilla makeover but gave Hilton creative freedom as I knew I was in trusted hands. Read on to see my cola-inspired makeover results, plus my thoughts on the mirrorless service option.

My Vanilla Coke Hair Transformation Results

“Cherry Coke” hair has been growing in popularity after stars like Dua Lipa and Megan Fox debuted new red hairdos earlier this year, but for those who aren’t ready to commit to the cherry-red colour, “Vanilla Coke” is a great alternative. “Coke Vanilla is the perfect blend of buttery and icy, you don’t want too much butter and just a touch of ice. It’s the perfect delicate combination of warm and cool,” Hilton tells PS UK.

One of the great things about adding a hint of vanilla to your hair is the flexibility. I have naturally auburn hair, so I wanted a really bold contrast of blonde to cut through – think Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday.

Image Source: PS UK Photography Chloe Dunn

If you’re looking for the same result, Hilton suggests asking your stylist to bleach slices through the hair. “This will bring out the lighter piece and make the blonde pop,” she explains. “Then add a darker piece next to it.” This is to create a good contrast between natural and blonde. I have naturally warm hair so in terms of choosing the right shade of blonde for the ultimate vanilla effect, we opted for a warmer tone.

As part of my appointment, I asked to try the mirrorless service. This is an optional add-on when booking with Not Another Salon where they cover up the mirror so you can’t see yourself. It wasn’t until I tried it that I realised just how much of an impact the mirror really has on my mindset. I thought it would just be a bit of fun and add to the experience, not getting to see my finished results until the very end, but as I sat there, chatting away to everyone in the salon, I realised just how much happier I felt. It added a carefree element I wasn’t expecting and really helped bring me out of my shell. It’s easy to get lost in your reflection at the hairdresser and zone in on your biggest insecurities. I’ll definitely be going mirrorless for all appointments moving forward.

Image Source: PS UK Photography Chloe Dunn

What to Consider Before Trying the Vanilla Coke Trend

The only way to achieve these bright slices through the hair is going to be lightening it with bleach and there are always risks involved when it comes to bleaching your hair. I’d always recommend going to a trustworthy hairdresser like Not Another Salon, where your stylist will consider the condition of your hair before undergoing any transformation.

During my session, Hilton was very open about how much bleaching my hair could handle. As a redhead, there’s always a chance my hair won’t lift correctly, leaving a warm orange result in some places instead of the blonde we were aiming for. I knew I was in good hands when Hilton reassured me that they’d make it work without compromising any hair health.

It’s the day after and I can already feel the change in my hair texture. Senior stylist Clare Halford, who was assisting Hilton, used a range of INNOluxe products and explained how they help rebuild the proteins within my hair follicles after undergoing an intense bleach treatment. She also suggested using a lot of hair mask treatments over the next few weeks to ensure my hair retains some moisture. I’ll be reaching for my trusty Amika Soulfood Nourising Mask (£18).

How to Book the Coca-Cola Flavour Parlour at Not Another Salon

From the 6 -8 June 2024, Not Another Salon are offering Coca-Cola fans the chance to embrace their favourite flavour with free hair colour makeovers inspired by lemon, cherry, vanilla and zero sugar flavours. To book your appointment, you just need to email

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