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Ways to Soothe Breakouts During Isolation

3 Practical, Expert-Approved Ways to Soothe Iso-Stressed Skin

Since going into lockdown, a lot of us have been experiencing more breakouts and skin irritations than usual while our bodies and skin adjusts to their new environment and routines. To help combat all our iso-stressed-skin concerns we chatted to Ella Baché Whitford salon owner, Caitlin Udell who gave us her top three tips for soothing stressed out skin.

1. Drinks loads of water and keep a balanced diet

Read: Cut back on iso-baking and booze. "Sugar and alcohol can be very dehydrating on the skin causing capillaries to dilate, increased oil production, dark circles under the eyes and an overall dull/lacklustre skin," says Caitlin. "All of these will contribute in different ways to the 'iso-skin' we are hearing about — breakouts, dull skin etc."

On top of looking after your body internally Caitlin also recommends using a hydrating mist and/or serum like the Ella Bache Daily Hydration Mist ($39) or Ella Bache Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum ($95) to really up your hydration levels. "Both have hydrating, plumping and protecting ingredients to help your skin boost and retain moisture, delivering long-lasting hydration."

2. Exercise and relax regularly

While it might be hard to find the energy to pump out a HIIT workout in your lounge room, Caitlin recommends slowing it down a little and opting for more meditative exercises. "Yoga, Pilates and meditation are great ways to help relax the mind and destress at home! Going for a walk, riding your bike or even doing a home exercise routine in the back yard is so great for your overall health whilst catching some Vitamin D, making sure you have sun care on too of course!"

"Even when you're working inside, it's super important to wear an SPF to avoid sun damage through windows which can cause discolouration and fine lines," says Caitlin. She recommends using a sunscreen like Ella Baché's Active Face Great SPF50+ Lotion ($55) — "A moisturising sunscreen lotion perfect for everyday protection against UVA and UVB rays enriched with Kakadu Plum Extract, Green Tea and packed with antioxidants to enhance the skins protective barrier."

3. Take this time to make sure your skincare and routine are in check

If you haven't ever had a skin consultation with a therapist or skincare expert Caitlin recommends using this time to book in for a virtual consult to make sure you are using the correct products for your skin type, conditions and concerns. "It's the perfect time to do a Virtual Skin Consultation!"

She also recommends taking up double cleansing, "double cleansing with the correct cleanser will strengthen the skins protective barrier and make it more resilient. We love Ella Baché's 3-in-1 Radiance Cleanser ($45) followed by a prescribed facial cleanser for your skin type."

Ella Baché are currently offering free virtual skin consults, you can book in here.

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