Are Your Undertones Warm or Cool? Here’s How to Find Out

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Are there certain colours that seem to suit you best? A shade that really makes your skin and eyes pop? This most likely has something to do with the undertone of your skin. This refers to the colours under the surface of your skin which can dictate what foundation you need or the colour palette that you gravitate towards.

There are three undertones — warm, cool and neutral. Cool undertones are generally pink and blue shades, while warm is yellow, golden and peach. As the name suggests, neutral undertones are usually a similar colour to that of your skin tone. Understanding which category you fall into helps make selecting makeup easier, as you’re able to pick shades that are more complimentary.

So, how do you determine which undertone you have? Well, it’s pretty easy and can be done right now. Below, we’ve detailed three easy ways you can tell which undertone you are.

Check Your Veins

It might sound off, but it’s a super straightforward way of clocking which undertone you are. According to Healthline, if you have green-looking veins, chances are you have warm undertones. Those with blue or purple-coloured veins are most likely in the cool category while people with veins that appear colourless have neutral undertones.

Look to the Sun

The sun affects everyone’s skin differently but, no matter what your undertone is, you still need to wear sunscreen every single day! But, knowing how your skin responds to the sun can often indicate what undertone you are. Do you burn easily from the sun and need to constantly reapply sunscreen? You’re a cool undertone. Do you go bronzed after spending time in the sun and never seem to get burnt? You’ve got a warm undertone.

Jewellery Talks

Another easy way to discover your undertone is via your jewellery as chances are you’re attracted to a certain metal based on how it looks on your skin. If gold-toned jewellery looks particularly good against your skin, you’re more likely to have warm undertones. Silver and rose gold have the tendency to look more flattering on those with cool undertones. Those with neutral undertones tend to look good in both gold and silver. Lucky!

Now that you’ve discovered which undertone category you fall into, you can use this handy guide to find out which makeup shades you should reach for to compliment your skin.

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