Red or Blond? Sophie Turner’s Natural Hair Color Isn’t What You Think

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Sophie Turner has been dominating Hollywood ever since her starring role in “Game of Thrones” as the redhead Sansa Stark. Though the show wrapped in 2019, fans have come to know her for her fiery color, despite dyeing her real hair an icy blond back in 2017 when she became the global ambassador for the hair-care brand Wella. (She had to use a red wig to finish filming.) Since then, she briefly went back to red in June 2021 (and nearly broke the internet) before returning to blond in June 2023. This is all to say, the star switches between an auburn red and bright blond so much that many people are wondering, what is Turner’s natural hair color?

Considering how great she looks in both hues, it’s easy to wonder which color she was born with. Surprisingly, the star isn’t platinum or a redhead as we’re so used to seeing her on our screens. She was actually born with golden blond hair as evidenced by a throwback photo she posted of herself as a child. The shade is similar to that of her two young daughters with ex-husband Joe Jonas.

Despite Turner preferring her hair at its natural hue in her personal life, Hollywood really loves her as a redhead. In her 2019 film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” Turner plays a copper-haired Jean Grey. However, in her upcoming movie “Joan,” which she’s currently filming, we see her in a blunt blond bob haircut.

To see just how good Turner looks as both a blond and a redhead, keep reading.

– Additional reporting by Jessica Harrington

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