What to Know Before Getting One of Those Constellation Piercings That Are All Over Instagram

Getty / Jon Kopaloff

With piercings and tattoos becoming more commonplace, we’re seeing new trends pop up faster than ever before. From clustered cartilage piercings to high-low lobe piercings, we’ve come a long way from your standard earlobe bling. Moving forward with the idea that more is better (at least as far as tattoos and body jewellery go), constellation piercings are growing in popularity, too.

You’ve probably seen the piercing trend before, whether in real life, on your favourite celebrity, or on Instagram, but a constellation piercing is a cluster of piercings across your ear that form a pattern.

The great thing about it is there’s no right or wrong way to do it: “A constellation series is a great vehicle of self-expression – in a more literal sense, you can curate your ear with celestial-themed earrings, or mix and match shapes, stones, and metals for a totally unique look,” said Louisa Schneider, founder of piercing company Rowan.

If you’re ready to try out the look for yourself, we’re answering all of your most pressing constellation piercing questions and telling you everything you should know before you go under the needle, ahead.

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