Tired of Shaving? Here’s Everything You Should Know About Waxing Your Legs

Getty / Emilija Manevska

On the list of things we’re excited for as the weather starts to warm up: beach days, sunshine, lighter clothing, relaxing by the pool, and picnicking with friends. On the list of things we’re less thrilled about: shaving regularly again – especially our legs. It doesn’t exactly help that we just spent the last however many months avoiding the activity, but getting back into the habit of shaving your legs can feel like a chore. That’s when we start considering other hair removal options, like laser hair removal and waxing.

The idea of waxing is appealing for many reasons – it lasts longer than shaving, helps you avoid razor bumps, and even thins out hair regrowth over time. But before you go booking your appointment, whether you’ve never waxed before or you just haven’t done it on your legs, you’ll want to be prepared. Ahead, Gina Petak, European Wax Center‘s education manager, told us everything you should know before your first leg waxing appointment.

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