The Answer to Extending the Life of Your Nail Polishes Could Be Your Fridge

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Nail polish has a shelf life, we know, but we’ll try anything we can do to extend this life! While we have a number of strategies in place already to revive polishes that have turned into a gloopy mess, it’s often said that storing your polishes in the fridge can help prevent this from happening.

The thought process is that the coolness of the fridge helps to slow down the thickening of the polish. Well, this is both correct and incorrect. While the cool temperature will help slow this process in the short term, storing your polishes in the fridge indefinitely could have the opposite effect and add to the gloopiness.

When it comes to nail polish storage, it’s best to find a cool, dry place. This rules out the fridge as well as, most likely, the bathroom, which is often humid and sunny which can cause the oils to rise to the top of the polish, resulting in separation within the product.

The best place to store your precious polishes is away from sunlight and in a cool place — but not fridge cold. Make sure to keep your nail polishes upright, with the cap screwed on tightly to give the polish the longest life possible.

If you’re really committed to the cause, Dear Sundays recommends taking your polish and rubbing the bottle between your hands once a week to keep the texture and consistency liquid. If you store your nail polish correctly, it should last you up to two years, which is a pretty good innings for a beauty product like polish.

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