Wine-Stained Lips Are Currently Trending on TikTok But It Doesn’t Involve the Alcoholic Tipple

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Quirky trends tend to thrive on TikTok. From freezing honey to treating acne with salt water and using garlic cloves to clear your sinuses, some are definitely more questionable than others. In the world of beauty trends, TikTok’s success rate is a lot higher.

Some of our favourites include Botox in a bottle, the French manicure stamp hack and the discovery of Clinique’s cult Black Honey lipstick. And now, we’re ready to jump aboard the latest trend from the app, which is all about emulating the look of wine-stained lips.

You know when you’re drinking a glass of red wine and it leaves a burgundy stain on your lips? That’s the look TikTok users are recreating with the help of Pinot coloured lip products. While there are a number of berry-toned products you could use to replicate this look, there is actually a particular lippie that people are reaching for.

The product in question is a matte lip stain that is packaged in a mini wine bottle — yep, TikTok users are creating wine-stained lips with a wine bottle-shaped makeup product and we have to say, we’re here for it. The Wine Lip Tint comes in six shades — Rosé Coral, Nebbiolo Red, Blush Pink, Merlot Burgundy, Chardonnay Orange and Shiraz Red — is highly pigmented, has a waterproof formula and is long-lasting.

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Another reason beauty enthusiasts have jumped on this trend so quickly is because these lippies are easily accessible, thanks to being stocked on Amazon, and are relatively affordable, coming in at just under $20. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock, so you’ll have to keep checking back to snap up your own wine-shaped lipsticks.

The upside is that many other beauty brands have a plethora of wine stain-like products that you can try to replicate the I-just-had-a-glass-of-red look. The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain ($25) is a good place to start as the colour is buildable and can be layered for a subtle or strong effect. No wine necessary.


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