The Coolest Winter Hair Colours Are Heating Up

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If you were to ask a hairstylist when the best time is to dye your hair, many of them would say winter. That’s not just because the cold-weather season is bursting with exciting new hair colour ideas to try, but also because there are fewer external aggressors (think: sun, salt water, chlorine) that could ruin the colour you just spent time and money on.

Even if you’re someone who switches up your look often, the task of deciding your next big change is never an easy one, so it can’t hurt to look at the current trends. According to experts, there’s an underlying theme you’ll be seeing with the winter hair colours this year: each one is warm, cozy, and flattering across all skin tones. From there, you can choose to either go bold or more toned down with your colour of choice. From low-key “winter gold” and “sombré” highlights to the more jet-blacks or warm strawberry-blonds, the possibilities are endless.

“Obviously, there will always be your basic colors – your browns, your blonds – but what we’re also seeing now is more of those ‘trend’ colors,” master stylist Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi salons in NYC tells POPSUGAR. Chassidy Mickale Woods, hairstylist and ORS Haircare consultant, echoes that sentiment. “Bold colours aren’t getting the side-eye like they used to and self-expression is much more acceptable.”

Still, if you’re after something more subtle, there’s plenty of room for that too this winter. Rich brown tones and multidimensional blonds will also be trending in varying depth and boldness. When you’re going the permanent route, though, seek the help of a pro: “You will always get a better colour job at a salon – first because you have a professional doing it, and second, they know how to work with the products in a more meaningful way,” Tricomi says.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration (or could just use a break before your 6 p.m. work call), we’ve asked a handful of experts to break down their favourite winter hair colour ideas. Just remember: “Have fun with your colour,” Woods says. “It’s just hair.” Keep scrolling to see them for yourself.

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