6 Flattering Haircut Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Winter

Getty / Edward Berthelot

Winter comes with a number of unpredictable variables – like whipping windchill or the ever-present scarf static – that make getting a haircut seem nonsensical at best (and, at worst, a waste of precious holiday money). Still, if you’re itching for a hair change as the end of the year nears, there are plenty of haircut trends to consider, should you be willing to make a statement.

“I predict the haircuts this winter will be healthy, thick, geometric normcore,” says Devin Toth, hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City. “Winter tends to be a time for covering up and contracting; it’s not a season that people typically flaunt their hair full throttle.”

This year, however, people are looking for change. “They’re way more open to redefining themselves with a fresh start and hair transformation,” says April Peele, also a hairstylist at Salon SCK. Toth adds: “Lately, my clients have been really happy to just get rid of every last remnant of their wispy, unwanted, summer-damaged split ends.”

Ahead, Toth, Peele, and a handful of other top hairstylists are breaking down seven specific winter haircuts people will be copping during the colder months, from the boldest look (“jellyfish,” anyone?) to the more modern take on the pixie cut to the surprising style of bangs everyone will be getting. Maybe winter’s not so predictable after all . . .

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