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The Winner of Celebrity Apprentice Is . . .

Sophie Monk! The 35-year-old singer and radio personality won the fourth season of Celebrity Apprentice on Wednesday night, tearfully accepting her $100,000 prize for chosen charity Make-A-Wish. She faced tough competition from hyper-intelligent finalist Tim Dormer, but in the end it was Sophie's willingness to work hard, remain humble and maintain harmony within her team that saw her take out the title. Scroll for a full recap of the episode!

Earlier: Tim Dormer and Sophie Monk are facing off tonight, having both made the finale of the fourth season of Celebrity Apprentice. The combative duo are friends sometimes and foes others, but they are both tenacious, honest and willing to get stuck in and have a go — traits main man Mark Bouris seems to be rather fond of. Stay with us tonight as we cover the finale live, and don't forget to cast your vote for who should win!

Looks like we're in for a treat tonight: Gina's back!

We open on Tim and Sophie travelling through the city at 5 a.m. and assessing the threat each one poses. They're both determined to win but they're also kind of surprised to be sitting in the final two.

They meet Mark Bouris in a hangar (he arrives in a chopper, obviously) and tell Tim and Sophie their challenge: to fly over Sydney in a chopper and create a brand campaign for Australia. They have to create a TV commercial and print ad, in two days. They then have to present the campaign in front of a large audience — it's quite a task!

The funniest part of this whole scene is how excited Tim is to be in a helicopter. "This is seriously, like, bucket list!" he exclaims. LOL. How sweet.

They fly over to a beautiful park to land, and Richard Reid, Gina Liano, Matt Cooper, Tegan Martin, Mel Greig and James Matheson are all waiting for them. Tim and Sophie have to pick three contestants each: Soph picks Tegan, Matt and Richard, and Tim picks Mel, James and Gina. Prepare for fireworks.

The teams go through their leaders' ideas. Sophie seems to have it all down, telling Tegan, Richard and Matt that she wants to be a bit cheeky and personal. Tim, on the other hand, is going down the more nature-driven path — beautiful beaches, national parks, etc. Let's just say Sophie's idea is received a little better.

Oh wow, it's so funny seeing Gina on TV again. She's cold, hungry and irritable and she's letting EVERYONE know about it. After much complaining, they bring her a ham and cheese toastie . . . Which she promptly turns down because "I can't eat seeds and I can't eat ham." It's actually hilarious and makes us love Gina and her outlandish behaviour even more.

Tim's team is still struggling to pull a concept together until James Matheson articulates exactly what Tim's looking for. They decide on a whimsical, dream-like campaign and Tim gets suuuper excited about it — to the point where he gets emotional. Meanwhile, Sophie's already got a director on the scene and she's reciting lines on a couch on the beach. These ads are shaping up to be verrry interesting.

While these guys are all good at putting themselves out there, it's all really about business skills. Tim's team is struggling with time management and slightly conflicting ideas, while Sophie's seems to be sailing along smoothly. At one point, Sophie walks into the editing suite and calls out some orders for the print ad — the font's not dark enough, the 'Y' is too "gangster" — and her observations are spot on. She gets the ad looking pretty awesome, and it's cool to see her taking charge after she spent most of the season struggling to stand up for herself.

Mr. Bouris texts Sophie and Tim that he has to present that campaign for 15 minutes to the 200 guests at the finale party. This throws both of them into a spin — they're both nervous. Sophie really hates doing speeches and she's stumbling during rehearsals.

It's time for the party and Sophie's lost her speech. MELTDOWN.

Mark Bouris, the handsome devil, has made this quite the spectacle for Tim and Sophie. There are Indigenous performances, 200 distinguished guests and one seriously glam dress code — luckily Sophie finds her speech and Richard introduces her to the audience. She falters . . . and it's hard to watch until she pulls out a frill-necked lizard calmly resting on her arm. She cracks a joke and then the real Sophie comes out: confident, funny, charming. They show the ad and it goes off — it's actually really good! Good enough to elicit a, "That's really cool," from Mr. Bouris.

Tim's turn! He's super emotional keeps getting teary in his piece-to-camera interviews. It's pretty cute — as he says himself, this is the first time in this show that he's allowed himself to be vulnerable.

HAHA, James Matheson is the MC for Tim's presentation and he makes a joke about Mr. Bouris — says he's a "pussycat" underneath his tough exterior, and it goes down like a lead balloon. Tim is MORTIFIED but we think it's hilarious. Bet you Mr. Bouris had a bit of a secret laugh, too.

Tim's passion for Australia (and Steve Irwin!) really shines in his speech. He's so joyous about it, it's hard not to get swept up. And, yep, his ad is fantastic. Full of long-ranging landscape shots and beautiful coastline, it certainly makes you want to see more of Australia — and that's the whole aim, right?

BOARDROOM TIME! Eek. Somehow it all comes down to how much Tim is playing the game. Richard pipes up and says Tim is playing everyone and Mr. Bouris quickly wraps the growing tension up.

Now Mr. Bouris is getting advisors Kerri-Anne Kennerly and Shelley Barrett to share their side of the story: how they observed Sophie and Tim leading their teams on the day, how they managed their time and how they developed their ideas. Then Tim and Sophie's teams have to critique the others' ad — it quickly turns into a war of words between Gina and Richard. Mr. Bouris steps and in and cuts to the chase.

He prefers Sophie's ad for its pace and how engaging it was. He liked Tim's because it was beautiful and well-thought out but it sounds like Sophie's was the winner in his eyes. As for the presentation, Tim's was the better one of the two.

Mr. Bouris asks the rest of the teams to leave and gets down to the wire.

He asks them why they should win (beat you to it, Mr. Bouris!) and they pitch themselves one last time.

Mr. Bouris gives them his final pieces of feedback — all positive at this late stage of the game — and announces the winner:

SOPHIE MONK! She's the Celebrity Apprentice for 2015! Congratulations, Sophie.

Image Source: Channel Nine
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