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5 Reasons Why Samantha Jade Should Win The X Factor 2012

5 Reasons Why Samantha Jade Would Be a Great X Factor Winner

We’re a week away from finding out the winner of The X Factor 2012. Last night’s semi final saw the remaining four acts, The Collective, Samantha Jade, Jason Owen and Bella Ferraro, sing two songs each with the themes ‘Passion’ and ‘Power.’ Tonight one act will be eliminated so three can battle it out for the title next week. One performer who has grown on me over the series is Guy Sebastian’s contestant Samantha Jade. I always thought the 25-year-old from Perth had a spectacular voice but originally I thought she lacked, well, the X factor. But after weeks of strong performances and seeing a bit more of the funny side I’d heard so much about from eliminated contestants, I’m a big Samantha Jade fan. Read on for five reasons why she’d be a great winner after the break.

  1. She can sing anything: Samantha has been praised by the judges for her impressive voice and I can’t think of a song where she struggled with vocal work. There are no pitch problems for this seasoned performer — she hits all the right notes.
  2. She’s the perfect pop princess: Samantha and Guy know what she is and what she isn’t. During the week when the judges picked songs for other contestants, Natalie Bassingthwaighte chose Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” for Sam, and instead of going the angsty, rock chick route, they went for a more pop-based performance. Some contestants have struggled with their music direction but Samantha has managed to stick to her pop guns.
  3. She looks the part: There’s no denying that Samantha is gorgeous. She’s also game enough to wear some of the show’s most out-there costumes but that hasn’t stopped Mel B from wanting to steal all her cat suits!
  4. She’s shown more personality: In the beginning Mel B’s biggest criticism of Samantha was that she didn’t show enough personality in her performances, and I agreed with Mel. But as we made our way to the pointy end and there were fewer contestants, Sam got more screen time and we’ve been able to see more of the personality that’s made her a favourite among other finalists.
  5. She has the support of the rest of the contestants: Each week I interview the eliminated contestants and ask them who they want to win the competition. The consistent response is Samantha Jade. And it’s not just because of her flawless voice — many have mentioned that she’s extremely funny and that viewers haven’t been able to see enough of her humorous side.
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