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Alex Perry Swears Australia's Next Top Model Finale Wasn't a Publicity Stunt

Alex Perry Swears ANTM Finale Mishap Was No Publicity Stunt as Fellow Judges Charlotte and Jez Take to Twitter

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: was last night’s accidental crowning of Kelsey Martinovich as the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 instead of rightful winner Amanda Ware a publicity stunt? This morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show, Kyle said he believed it may have been, since his experience with live shows had taught him that producers only prepare one set of fireworks, whereas last night’s live finale had two. Then they interviewed the two girls and judge Alex Perry, who was adamant it was not a set-up, saying:

“I would stake my life on it . . . Everybody wants to tag something sinister on it and say it was done for ratings (but) I know Sarah and I know the executive producer, it’s just not their style, they have too much integrity.”

Alex went on to say that they had always planned two sets of fireworks: one for the actual announcement, and a second, smaller set for when the winner walked to meet her family. Amanda and Kelsey said they were both happy with the outcome as it means they get to go to New York together, as Kelsey’s compensation prize is a trip to the Big Apple plus $25,000 in cash. And, as Fab has reported, they’ll both appear on separate covers of Harper’s BAZAAR’s November issue. Not a bad second-place prize!

To see what judges Charlotte Dawson and Jez Smith are saying, just read on.

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Alex’s fellow judges have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on last night’s debacle. Charlotte tweeted:

Hey. It was a MISTAKE (an unfortunate one agreed). Nobody died. Everybodys happy! Now go and spread some love! #itsatellyshow!

Jez Smith had this to add:

Shame on all those people saying the finale was rigged. No one involved in the show would do that to a young girl on purpose, least of all the beautiful ethical @SarahAMurdoch the amount of cynicism out there shocks me!

Someone who hasn’t spoken out yet is poor Sarah Murdoch, who is said to still be shaken by last night’s event.

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