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The Amazing Race Australia Couple Chris Pselletes and Anastasia Drimousis Split and Are Eliminated From Race

Chris and Anastasia Run Their Last Leg of The Amazing Race

The timing of Anastasia Drimousis’ admission yesterday that she had broken up with boyfriend — and Amazing Race Australia team member — Chris Pselletes coincided with the episode where they were eliminated in Poland. It was a bittersweet moment for the Sydney couple, who were the first team to reach the pit stop in Prague last week before being told the leg of the race wasn’t even over. Along with the other contestants, they made their way to Krakow in Poland to continue racing, where their challenges were:

Roadblock: One team member had to push a cart through Wieliczka Salt Mine and dig through its contents for a key to unlock a crypt.
Detour: All teams opted for ‘Herd,’ which involved herding uncooperative sheep into a paddock in the Polish countryside. (I wish someone had picked ‘Hoe Down,’ where the challenge was to learn and perform a Polish axe dance in costume.)
Intersection: Teams had to pair up for a tandem wood saw challenge that involved cutting four slices of wood and switching partners after each slice.

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The Intersection proved to be an extremely tough challenge for Chris, Anastasia and the WA models they joined forces with, Sam and Renae. Such a laborious task was better suited to the teams that were able combine male strength. Sam and Renae managed to cut through one slice before Chris and Anastasia took their turn — Anastasia, in particular, struggled with the physical demands of the challenge, and Chris often had to comfort and encourage her. But in the end they forfeited the challenge and took a four-hour penalty (Sam and Renae only had a two-hour penalty), which led to their elimination.

There was no anger or sadness as Grant Bowler told them that they were out of the race, with Anastasia then saying in their interview package, “Since we can withstand anything the Race threw at us, we can really just pull through and be together for life.” Unfortunately it seems that it wasn’t the case, with Chris telling the Daily Telegraph, “I don’t think we would be broken up now if it wasn’t for the show. Subconsciously it played a big part in Anastasia’s viewing of our relationship.” Chris recently came under fire after an episode where his anger got the better of him and he hurled insults at his then-girlfriend.

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