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Australia's Next Top Model Episode 3 Recap: Extreme Makeover Edition

Australia’s Next Top Model: Extreme Makeover Edition

Last night on Australia's Next Top Model, the girls "got the looks that would help them get booked"—whether they wanted them or not. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Shameless Product Placement:
Last year’s winner Tahnee Atkinson and her Nivea products stopped by the Top Model house for a little pep talk and she had the contestants remove all of their makeup for the “before” shots. I thought Avon Lady Sophie might have an aneurysm.

Hairy Godmother: The girls were then frog-marched to Joh Bailey’s salon to begin their transformations. Sophie had a mullet intervention, while Kimberly and her Gold Coast Hooters hair became history. I have to say, I don’t like what they did to Chantal—I thought she was striking before and now she’s just meh.

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Extension Envy: There was definitely some extension envy between the girls who got longer hair and the girls who got the chop, and rightly so. Sophie was not coping well with being "de-barbied" and was desperately trying to clip in the hair extensions she brought from home. Fail.

No Clue Alert: This week’s iconic person that the girls didn’t know: Lou Reed.

Light Fantastic: The girls attended the Vivid Festival in Sydney where they became part of a light installation exhibition. Kelsey rocked her Wolverine-inspired lighted glove like she was Michael Jackson, much to the dismay of Kimberly who thought she should have won the challenge.

No Comment: Amanda and Brittney got in trouble for speaking to a reporter who approached them while they were supposed to be standing absolutely still. But props to Amanda who knew she was in trouble and would get a “kick up the clacker” for her slip-up at elimination.

You Better Work. Work it Girl: The contestants had nowhere to hide during the beauty shoot and had to use their facial expressions. Amanda, Kelsey and Kathryn rocked it while Chantal, Ashton and Kimberly struggled.

Departure Lounge: Ashton was ultimately sent home because, although she had a spark in person, she failed to bring it at the photo shoot.

Check out Fab for all the ANTM fashion and Bella for her take on the extreme makeovers now!



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