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Australia's Next Top Model Recap: Kathryn is sent packing after more shoe shenanigans

Australia’s Next Top Model Recap: Walk This Way

Last week Australia's Next Top Model was a bit snoozy, but this week the show perked up and the girls had to strut their stuff, sell feminine hygiene products and look super expensive on a luxury yacht. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Well Heeled: The girls had to practice their runway walk through the streets of Sydney while Alex Perry and supermodel Anneliese Seubert spied on them. How divine is Anneliese? Girl crush alert! She should be on the show every week. The girls walked 4kms and had major shoe issues. Most of them sucked it up, but Kathryn stuffed it up so much, they eventually let her walk in her own shoes.

Me Tarzan, You Top Model: The girls had the chance to win national exposure as the Kotex Platinum Girl in a print campaign. They had to hang from a silvery jungle vine (because that’s what you do when you have your period). Sophie finally got her long hair in the form of a tacky blond wig, but ultimately it was Kathryn and Kelsey in the battle of the jungle girls. Kelsey eventually took out the title because she made dangling from a vine look so effortless.

Best Contestant Quip of the Night: Jessica commenting on another Kelsey win: “She’s got two campaigns and I’ve got none. She should share some of that shit ‘round.”

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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum: It was the Kathryn’s 21st birthday, so the girls went to Rum Diaries in Bondi and got suitably smashed. Nothing says bonding like a boatload of cocktails.

High Fashion: For the photo challenge it was all about luxury labels shot on a $16 million yacht. Kathryn, Amanda and Sophie nailed it, while Kelsey and Jess struggled.

Amanda: Alex called Amanda’s yacht photo “expensive to the extreme” but said her runway walk was too ordinary. He warned that she would be put in the middle of any show, which he labelled the “model landfill.” Amanda said she was clueless when it came to high-end editorial, which prompted Charlotte to say she needed a “fashion arse kicking.” Do these girls even read fashion magazines??

Sophie: She had a strong week and when she posed in Armani, Alex said it was one of the best photos he’d ever seen in the competition. I have to say Sophie has grown on me. She always seems professional, grateful for the opportunity and hungry (in a good way, not a starving model way).

Kathryn: After weeks of arguing with Fab and Bella, who were Team Kathryn, I FINALLY got why she was still in the competition. I thought she should have won the print campaign over Kelsey and her photo in Hermes was gorgeous. Her self-confidence has gotten so much better and I think she just might have the chomps to make it in the industry.

Departure Lounge: Kathryn and Kelsey were in the bottom two and ultimately it was Kathryn who was sent packing. Noooo! I finally like her! The judges thought she gave good photo, but just couldn’t cut it on the catwalk. As she was leaving the building she suffered more shoe shenanigans, as her heel fell off on the way out the door. Ouch.

Best Judge Quip of the Night: Sarah talking about Sophie’s transformation, “She’s finally getting it. It’s not about Paris Hilton.”

Make sure you check out Fab and Bella for their thoughts on the competition as it comes down to the wire!

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