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Australia's Next Top Model premiere rundown: The First Step review

Australia’s Next Top Model Rundown: The First Step

Last night was the series premiere of Australia’s Next Top Model season six and I’m officially hooked. The show started with a record 16 contenders and the herd was quickly thinned down to 11 by the end of the episode. The show has stepped it up a notch and is now a sleek, sexy production that is moving away from the bitchiness and concentrating more on compelling storytelling. The premiere began by dumping the gaggle of squealing girls at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week and ordering them to strut their stuff on the catwalk. On the very first day. I would be shaking in my freaking stilettos. Here are some of my thoughts regarding what went down last night:

Slackers: Is it just me or is there a disproportionately large number of contestants who are, erm, a bit deadbeat? Unemployed, school leavers, a former meter maid, a Hooters waitress, and an Avon lady? And of course most are students, but hmmmm...

The catwalk cull: The fact that not all of the girls got to walk on the catwalk was painful. And the girl with the wonky leg? I thought they were going to take her out back and shoot her like a lame horse.

Kimberly the former Gold Coast Meter Maid: She said her best “astribute” would be her eyes. Unless she was posing for a men’s magazine, then it would be her bum, because it’s “squishy.” We’ll take your word for that, luv.

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Fatgate: The controversy surrounding the “size 8 model who was thrown off the catwalk for being ‘too big’” was completely misrepresented in the press.  She couldn’t fit into the teeny designer sample sizes. The words “too big” or “too fat” were never mentioned. It was handled professionally

A history lesson: Grace Kelly was an Oscar-winning actress, fashion icon and Princess of Monaco. You need to know this. Might I suggest checking out Bella’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in the World post as a starting point? Hepburn, Monroe, Brigitte Bardot. Google them.

Mad Men photo shoot: I loved the gorgeous concept, but I felt it was a bit lost on the contestants. These girls were born in the ‘90s and serious drama to them is The Hills. But Kelsey and Chantal rocked it. 

Valeria: AKA the girl who cries every.single.time. the camera is on her. Somebody get her a Xanax. When model mentor Josh Flinn said he was “disappointed” by her photo shoot, I knew she would lose it. He came back to report to photographer Jez Smith that he thought he had “pushed her over the edge.” Oh, dear.

Alex Perry: Yes, he’s totally up himself, but he is entertaining. The gem of the night was when he said that Kimberly from the Gold Coast looked like a Hooters waitress, to which host Sarah Murdoch replied, “She IS a Hooters waitress.” Alex then sat back and smugly added, “I rest my case.” Gold.

Ah, kids, fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray tables are in the upright position. It’s going to be a fun Top Model ride and we may encounter some turbulence this season. I’m dying to know what you thought, so sound off below in comments and be sure and check out Fab and Bella for the fashion and beauty scoop! 

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