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Australian Viewers Angry at My Kitchen Rules 2012 Winner Result of Leigh and Jennifer Beating Nic and Rocco

Viewers Upset at My Kitchen Rules Winners Result

The grand final of My Kitchen Rules attracted 2.81 million viewers for the winners announcement, and averaged around 2.19 million for the whole episode, so it’s no surprise so many people have been vocal about the result. Florist Leigh Sexton and Jennifer “Princess” Evans defeated South Australian childhood friends Nic Mazzone and Rocco La Bella for the title — and $250,000 prize — and viewers jumped on Twitter and lots of other online mediums to express how they felt about the judges’ decision.

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The general consensus seems to be frustration at how Nic and Rocco didn’t win despite lots of praise and positive comments from the judges on all of their dishes (their third course wasn’t plated up well, though). Leigh and Jennifer’s first course of crab congee was described by the judges to have “delicate” flavour, with the implication it was almost bland, and the absence of tempered white chocolate with their dessert also added to viewers questioning how they scored four perfect marks of 10. One of the keywords so far is that the show is “rigged,” but host/judge Pete Evans went on his Facebook page to clarify how the judges came to their decision:

The show took the viewers on a journey right up until the scores were revealed, it was the best food of the competition by far and the girls food was exceptional, their 5 courses took us on a journey and overall they produced, hands down, the most amazing dishes last night of the whole competition! The boys did a great job too and should be very proud! I am sorry you only get to see maybe 10% of what we actually say about each dish as it arrives, otherwise the show would have aired for 5 hours or more last night.

The editing seemed to suggest a Nic and Rocco victory, but as Pete points out a whole day’s worth of cooking was condensed into a two-hour show. As other commenters have mentioned, it all comes down to the taste, which only Pete, Manu Feildel and the guest judges had an opinion on.

Fans of Nic and Rocco shouldn’t despair — they’ve since launched their own website and appear to be offering cooking classes. They’re also taking dessert offers. And in non-food-related cooking news, they’re also both in the running to be Cleo Bachelor of the Year, and Rocco is in a relationship with fellow semi-finalist Carly Cheung.

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Ronnie15876788 Ronnie15876788 3 years

Hi mates,just watched the final 2012. Leigh sextons crocodile tears at the elimination vote, the wink in the semi final and the perfect tens, for missing an ingredient,surely that just can't be right, in the final it beggers disbelief. Looks like it was rigged.

Ronnie15876788 Ronnie15876788 3 years

Hi Mates, we're just getting series 3 on sky uk living I love this programme and love everything Australian. We are at . the point where Leigh& jen face off against Dave &Scott.

strunz strunz 5 years
I recently discovered NZ were several months behind with this show and I watched the final episode (which I had taped) last week and I do agree that the result was so disappointing. I no longer find the judges credible as the final scores showed and in my opinion the two who won it were not the winners at all. So pleased to see the two boys are doing so well In Adelaide.
strunz strunz 5 years
I was so disappointed that the Nic and Rocco did not win. The two winners had to cook off after being judged by their peers and still they won. Even after serving a dish to the judges that had gravel in. I feel that the two best cooks did not win and I am disappointed with Pete and Manu who I thought would be fair. Perhaps, you should change your guest judges as well. Strunz New Zealand
Kiwi-Cook Kiwi-Cook 5 years
A great show that went off the rails and was ruined for many of us!! Michael
froann froann 5 years
What i can not get over is that we here in NZ are 7 MONTHS behind!!!! I fell alseep and missed who won (gutted) was trying so hard to stay awake (3 kids under 4) so came online to see who won, I really thought the boys were going to win it, but that was only going by what I saw and heard the judges saying about each dish. But whats REALLY got me even more is reading thought these comments!!! So many bad spellers or hasty typers at best. I don't see the point in getting so worked up over a TV show, weather it was 'rigged' or not! If you only want 'real' life then turn off your telly and live it!!!
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