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Avatar and Titanic Director James Cameron Talks About the Environment and Climate Change

James Cameron Educates Youth on Climate Change

When he’s not busy making the highest-grossing movies ever, director James Cameron puts a lot of his energy and time into raising awareness about the environment and climate change (he does it in his films, too, as anyone who saw Avatar knows). He recently gave an interview to The Dylan Ratigan Show explaining why he’s so passionate about the future of the planet. He said, “I approach this from the standpoint of being a parent. I’ve got five kids and I think about the world that they’re going to live in and I think about the consequences of the path that we’re on right now, and the fact that we have got to make some huge changes.” So what are some of his tips on how we can live a greener lifestyle? “Forget about recycling, we should know by now to do that stuff. Best tip is get informed, read the books. Understand what the stakes are . . . And I think that for kids, it’s prepare yourselves for actual jobs in this sector because those jobs will be there.” He was also recently in Brazil to “help tribal people fight the dams that are going to destroy their homes and forest.”

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