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The Bachelor Australia 2015 Grand Finale Live Blog Recap

We're Watching The Bachelor Grand Finale Live — Follow Every Moment Here!

The time has come and we're officially excited. We've set up The Bachelor bunting in our office, we have a cheese platter feast of epic proportions and our poll is running hot. There are two women left in the running to win Sam's heart, and we're totally torn about who should triumph. Is Sam in love with Snez or Lana? Time will tell — keep up to speed with the finale here, as we live blog every moment!

We're running through a full recap of Lana's time with Sam and Snez's time with Sam, and of course it's only serving to remind us that one of these women is going to be truly heartbroken.

Sam's taking the girls to the country — to meet his family! His dad, sister and brother seem like amazing people. So down to earth, case in point being when his sister Hannah reveals that her jacket is from Vinnies. YES. Love.

They're talking about how Sam feels about "the one" and he says he's in love . . . and on that note, he wants to introduce the girls to them. Snez is up first and she's nervous — this must be how Sam felt when he met Eve!

She meets his family and they are ALL so adorable, especially Sam's dad. She's anxious about telling them about Eve but we reckon she needn't worry. They seem super accepting and kind. And just as we thought, the news goes down perfectly well — regardless of what you think of the show, it's clear Sam and his family are good people.

GOD NO. The preview has his dad, Andrew, crying and so are we, obvs.

Snez tells Sam's sister Hannah that she's falling in love with him. She moves on to chat to his dad and he calls Eve "Evie," which is the cutest thing on earth. 

Snez asks Andrew if Sam has any traits from his late mum, and he tears up as he says Sam has her eyes. We're LITERALLY passing tissues across the table as we watch.

"She was lovely," says Hannah. "Oh, she was over and above that," says Andrew. Perfect, perfect, perfect. She's in! Snez smashed the family meeting out of the park.

Lana's turn, and she looks divine as usual. Sam's sister describes her as "a little bubble of goodness," which is just bloody cute. They're all chatting and getting along well, but Lana definitely seems a bit more shy than Snezana did. Could be an age thing?! Seven years difference between Sam's final ladies.

Hannah cries to Lana as she's talking about Sam and they seem to really be connecting. Summary: Andrew (Sam's dad) loves Snez and Hannah (Sam's sister) loves Lana. Tricky! Whooo wins out? His dad has no idea who Sam will pick!

Quick office poll: 40 percent say Snez and 60 percent say Lana.

Final dates time! Lana approaches Sam, who's conveniently located in front of a chic-looking helicopter.

Sam is definitely a bum man, you guys. Can't keep his hands off 'em.

Sam and Lana are flying to the Blue Mountains — cute but do you reckon the girls are bummed they're not going overseas. There's another boat, just in case we thought for a second we were going off theme. They go rowing and stop for some ~serious chats~.

Lana is just a Pantene commercial waiting to happen.

Sam tells Lana he thinks only of her when they're together and that he sees a future with her. Woah! Big words from a guy who still has another girl devoted to him.

Now they're roasting marshmallows and pashing. Lana tells Sam, "I'm crazy about you." Sam tells her he wants adventure and travel and all that fun stuff . . . but also the more serious, relationship-y things. They're snuggly and loved-up and we just dont KNOW. Lana tells Sam she's never felt this way about anyone. Oooee! "How do you meet such a perfect person in this world and not have it be the perfect ending?" Lana asks the camera. 

Snez time! Sam says whenever he's with her, his heart skips a beat. They head to the banks of a river, where a picnic is waiting for them. Again, the budget this season . . .

Sam says he's so happy he came on the show and that Snez came on the show — but he doesn't say that he feels deeply about her or anything. Compared to Lana, he diesn't seem AS interested in Snez at this point. Snez is telling me she's so happy with Sam and feels like he is where she belongs. He doesn't really say anything back. Awks.

Now's the part where Snez tells Sam how she feels. He somehow ends up talking about his business and growing up and "not thinking about yourself in order to really grow up." Ooh? Telling?

Snez launches into a big monologue about her feelings and Sam looks so tired. Then Snez tells him she's fallen in love with him and he says, "That's such a beautiful thing to hear you say." Then Snez leans in for a kiss and we STILL have no idea where Sam's heart lies.

Shirtless shot, shirtless shot!

We cut to Snez and Lana getting decked out in their jewels and beautiful dresses, and suddenly the nerves have kicked in BIG TIME.

Snez tells the camera that Lana could be the easier choice (considering she's not a mum like Snez).

OH GOD, it's time! We are sooo nervous.

Final comments to the cameras, and a tense car ride . . . Before we cut to ads.

Sam's talking to Osher which means it's NEARLY TIME!!

Sam's telling Osher he wasn't man enough in his previous relationships, but he's ready to commit now. He's never felt this way before, and he can't wait to start his next adventure with the girl he's going to choose.

LANA IS FIRST OUT OF THE CAR. Normally this means she's the runner-up!!! Does this mean Snez has won? Aaaah! Or are we being tricked?

She approaches Sam. He says, "You look so beautiful." He talks about her eyes again. He's listing all the things he really likes about her . . .

"You're the perfect girl," he says. "I just don't know that you're the perfect girl for me." IT'S SNEZ! SNEZANA HAS WON THE BACHELOR!

Poor Lana is heartbroken. She sheds some tears and asks the camera to stop filming her. She holds her head high, though. We can't believe it's over and Snez has won this whole thing!

We LOVE Sam! He obviously really wants to settle down. "Snezana is the woman for me," he says.

Watching Snez approach Sam is so cute! He's so happy to see her. He starts talking and we're dyyying:

"I can't believe what an incredible woman you are. You are so strong, you are so warm. You have the biggest heart that I've ever come across and I just love being around you. My heart skips a beat every time that I see you and I ust feel so, so lucky that this crazy adventure has brought us together. You were the first girl that I met and you are the last girl because I've fallen madly in love with you. I love you so much."

"I want to spoil you, and I want to look after you forever." He presents her with a beautiful necklace to give Eve as his thanks for pushing Snez to do the show. He puts a chunky-ass promise ring on her wedding finger, they kiss and it's OVER!

Image Source: Network Ten
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