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The Bachelor Australia Episode 7 Recap

Romy's Mean-Girl Antics Got Real Last Night, Causing 1 Contestant to Flee the Mansion

Last night marked the seventh episode of The Bachelor and we covered it live! Here's every big moment as it happened . . .

When loud-mouthed Alisha whipped out the date card revealing the names of the lucky ladies who'd be joining Nick on the next group date, no one expected what the card would reveal next.

Along with the seven girls chosen for the date, three additional ladies would be joining them and it wasn't any of the existing Bachelorettes we know and love.

That's right, enter Deanna, Brittney and Jamie-Lee — the three new intruders all with a mission to find love in The Bachelor mansion with one Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins in mind.

But while many of the original Bachies claimed not to be threatened by the new recruits, a not so-friendly game of moon hopper netball (apparently, it' a thing) saw one intruder Jamie-Lee carried off the field by Nick after a brutal tackle by baby-faced Brooke that left her with a sprained ankle and unable to walk.

But even that wasn't enough to keep Jamie-Lee from the cocktail party and getting in with a chance at Nick. Appearing in a moon boot nestled under her blue floor length gown, she quickly caught Nick's eye who once again whisked her away in his arms for some alone time, but not without the watchful eyes of the other women all bidding for Nick's attention.

The attention soon shifted to inside the mansion where, once again, mean girl Romy is at the centre another confrontation.

This time with Tenille who after returning from her single date with Nick with love in her eyes and heart on her sleeve, fell victim to Romy's brutal integration tactics.

While claiming to be "speaking for the girls in the house", Romy didn't like the fact that Tenille shared a passionate kiss with Nick after stating she doesn't kiss on the first date. Ah, who cares?

Well, Romy did and Tenille continued to defensively shut down the allegations before going berserk, ripping off her mic and running barefoot from the bachie mansion screaming and crying.

But after much convincing by fellow contestants and those who appeared to be show producers, Tenille returned to the mansion for the rose ceremony where she stood safe with a rose she received on her date with Nick.

Meanwhile, convinced the 'original' ladies would all be safe and that two of the intruders would have to go, the girls of the mansion watched on in shock horror when both Rhiannon and Ashlea were left standing without a rose while all three intruders safe for at least another week

Let's see how the intruders settle in, especially with targets already on their backs.

Image Source: Network Ten
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