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The Bachelor Australia Episode 9 Recap

2 Girls Walk Out on Sam! Here's Every Detail on Episode 9 of The Bachelor

We met The Bachelor "date crashers" Lana and Rachel earlier in the week, but during Wednesday's episode we got to see if they shared that all-important instant connection with Bachelor Sam — and, of course, we watched how the original bachelorettes reacted to the unexpected guests. We also saw two of the girls leave the mansion on their own terms, so keep reading for every juicy detail!

The girls are in the kitchen chatting about group dates — as usual. Osher walks in looking immaculate — as usual. He's just been with Sam — as usual. He drops a yellow date card and they cut to Bec saying she really wants a proper date with Sam after her debacle last time. 

Emily looks like she will die if it's Nina.

Lucky for Emily it turns out to be Bec, her BFF in the house. You guys, Bec is so pretty. I say this every week, I just think she's so pretty and level-headed.

Sam's in a helicopter, which confuses us. Aren't dates normally on or around water? Oh wait, there's the water. Carry on.

The chopper, which Bec wasn't aware of, blows Bec's amazing dress (from Spell & the Gypsy Collective, FYI) up and around her legs. She looks like an amazing modern-day Marilyn Monroe but Sam thinks she "might've regretted her choice." Harrumph.

They go indoor skydiving together and, TBH, there's zero chemistry there. They're kind of like awkward mates and you can tell Sam knows it.

Sam's talking about how Bec has barriers up and he doesn't know if they've got enough time to get past them in this reality TV situation. Fair call . . . But also it's hard not to think he would make the exception for the right girl. It's all about that instant chemistry he so wants!

Sam's talking a LOT. Beating around the bush but trying to say that he doesn't feel that instant chemistry with Bec. Sam: "If I'm being 100 percent honest, I feel that you are that girl that I have heaps of fun with and I love hanging out with you . . . But I feel that it would take a long time to develop into a more romantic sitaution." (Read between the lines: "a long time" = forever.) Sam looks physically pained when he's finished with what he's saying. He tells the camera he can't see himself falling in love with her. He's doing the decent thing by telling her now, I suppose.

Bec says, "I am a big believer in 'if it's meant to be, it's meant to be'." Sam goes, "I decided to end it there and then." WOAH, way to escalate. So, um, see ya Bec.

Cut back to the house and they're all convinced Bec's coming back with a rose. Instead, Sam walks in . . . alone. He tells the girls what happened on his date with Bec and that she's left, and they're all surprised to say the least. Gotta say, as easy as it is to pick apart everything Sam says, he does seem genuine in that he's telling the girls straight up if there's a connection. It's brutally honest but at least it's honest.

BYEEEE BEC! We'll miss you.

Best ever: Sam surprises the girls at the house the next morning. They have no makeup on and there is much squealing. Sam froths over Heather in a onesie — she does look pretty cute. He has issues with Emily having run upstairs to fix herself up a bit and picks on the fact that she's wearing a scarf. Chillax, Sam.

New date card! The clue mentions water, so all is right with the world. Sarah gets the solo date, much to poor Ebru's dismay. She hasn't had a proper date yet!

Said it before and I'll say it again: I like Sarah's chill.

Are they scrimping on dates this year? Instead of actually going to an amazing winery like they did last year (was that Louise's date with Blake? Or was it Lisa?), they've set up a makeshift one on the lawn of his waterfront Bachelor pad. Times be tough.

~~Meanwhile, real talk on Twitter: debate rages over whether Sarah is cool and chilled or a bit of an old lady.~~

Sam gives Sarah a rose so obviously he's buying into whatever it is she's selling. Then . . . KISSING!!

Time for the cocktail party and we know what's comiiing: INTRUDERS!

Osher walks in (this never happens) wearing a brown suit and he pulls Sam away. You know why? INTRUDERS!

Sam's a bit anxious about this unexpected interruption. Little does he know . . . INTRUDERS!

INTRUDERS ARE HERE! Laura Dundovic's best friend Lana steps out of the car to greet Sam. She's beautiful and seems pretty normal so far.

Sam tells her she's very brave. LOL. That's gotta be comforting. They flirt and it's cute. He tells the camera their meeting reminds him of the very first night, when he felt instant connections with some of the girls. OoOoOooooh. He likey.

Poor Lana happens upon Nina having a fit about her existence ("Oh my God! Oh my God!") but Heather and Snez are nice and friendly to her.

Now it's time to meet Rachel, a beautiful blonde food blogger from Brisbane. She tells Sam she loves steak which appeals to the caveman that's gotta be lurking in his toned body somewhere. He tells her that kids and animals are super important to him and Rachel says to camera, "I officially believe in love at first sight." Ca-ute. Though, they didn't have the connection he and Lana did.

Heather has the quip of the night: "In walks this white orb," because Rachel's all light and blonde and wearing a shiny cream dress, LOL. The weird thing is, Rachel's known Sam for literally 12 seconds and she's already acting jealous and like she's in love. Sam must make quite the first impression.

Sam enters the room and pulls Lana aside for a private chat. To "get to know more than your name." Smooth, Samuel, smooth. Heather is slightly concerned because she knows from personal experience that a connection can be instant — so the intruders are totally a threat. Telling you now: Lana is a HUGE threat.

They've edited Rachel to seem like a crazed question-asker. He calls her a crazy cat lady and she looks super sad about it. They recover, but they don't have that elusive chemistry Sam so wants.

Sam calls Emily away for a chat. Here's hoping she lightens up a little bit. She asks him, "How do you view me?" He says, "I view you as a slow burner." AWKWARD. He says that he's a goof . . . and she says she is too, with which he disagrees. "You're a bit more glitz and glamour than the girl I would typically fall for." He calls out her running upstairs to put makeup on that morning he surprised them in the kitchen. He REALLY wants someone laid back and he's telling Emily she doesn't seem like she's that way inclined.

He tells Emily he has doubts about them as a couple and she is soooo surprised. She says, "This is baffling to me. I'm such an open book, no one has ever said this to me before." He tells her she is highly strung, more than she thinks she is. She's stunned, to say the least.

Rose ceremony time! We know from the previews that this will be in.ter.esting. Here's who gets the roses:

Sarah's got one from her date with Sam.

Lana (woah, woah, woaaah!)






Spanner firmly thrown into works.

Ad break, ughhhh of course. Well played, Network Ten.

Sam. Is. Not. Moving. OMGGGGG this is so awkward! If it was a Hollywood movie, he'd have run after Emily.

Nina gets the last rose! "This rose was always for you," Sam tells her.

Before you know it, Emily's in the car on her way home. Guess it's game over for her! Wow, what an ending. She says their conversation before the rose ceremony made it clear they weren't right for each other and she's out.


Image Source: Network Ten
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