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The Bachelor Australia Quiz: Could You Win His Heart?

Could You Actually Win The Bachelor's Heart?

Can you relate to this? You watch The Bachelor every Wednesday and Thursday night, and as things happen in the episodes you find yourself saying things like, "I definitely would not have reacted like that if I didn't get a rose," or, "What would my parents cook for the bachelor if he came for a hometown visit?" Before you know it, you're picturing how you'd react in every situation that pops up, and then all of a sudden you're sitting at your computer applying for the next series . . . Whether you've given any serious thought to going on The Bachelor or not, it's still fun to imagine if you could actually be the one receiving the last rose. So to see how you'd rate on the show, take our quiz to find out.

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  1. You don't mind if the guy you're dating is romancing 20 other women at the same time.
  2. And you're happy to become friends with them.
  3. Even besties. You may be BFFs with someone who loves your man.
  4. Group dates with only one man don't weird you out.
  5. Kissing on TV doesn't faze you, even if it means your parents will see.
  6. Same goes for being really vulnerable and open about your feelings.
  7. You can pretend cameramen are invisible.
  8. Your type is tall, dark and handsome.
  9. You love a sequinned dress.
  10. A cocktail party every week — yay!
  11. Roses are your favourite flower.
  12. You don't mind being in your bikini on national television.
  13. You're cool with being locked away in an OTT mansion.
  14. With little contact with the outside world.
  15. You could live without your phone for a few months.
  16. Sunbaking is one of your favourite hobbies.
  17. You talk about your feelings constantly.
  18. You'd be excited about going on one date every few weeks.
  19. And hearing about your friends' dates with the same guy.
  20. No texting with the bachelor is cool with you.
  21. You don't mind being filmed enjoying a pre-date bubble bath.
  22. You can handle the Bachelor and the country seeing you without makeup on.
  23. You could get through 20+ rose ceremonies.
  24. You have a great 'looking longingly at something' face.
  25. You've got great hair.
  26. Your parents live in amazing houses.
  27. Your family is cool with being on TV.
  28. Your dad will pull aside the Bachelor for a one-on-one on camera.
  29. You've imagined what your family would cook on a hometown visit.
  30. You'd be willing to move interstate for love.
  31. You're ready to be potentially engaged once the show’s over.
  32. You're good at keeping a secret.
  33. You'll sneak around with your love for a few months to keep that secret.
  34. You understand real life after the show will be very different.
  35. You're ready for your life to completely change (hello, perks!).
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