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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Final 3 Episode Recap

The Bachelorette Breakdown: Every Key Moment From the Second-Last Episode

For years now (three, to be exact) we've taken excessive amounts of pleasure in watching a group of beautiful women battle it out for one dashing man. With the launch of The Bachelorette Australia, the tables were turned — Sam Frost, from The Bachelor season two, is our leading lady and now she's got just three handsome men left fighting for her affection. Tonight is the second-last episode — tomorrow is the finale! — and we're writing down all the important bits here, so you can keep up wherever you are. Scroll!

Can't get enough of The Bachelorette? Don't miss our juicy interview with sweetheart Sasha, our catch-up with the adorable Richie and, of course, a light stalk through Michael's Instagram.

We start with a reminder that Sasha makes Sam feel reeeeal good things. You can't beat that feeling, so we're kinda inclined to still believe he's gonna win. Sasha's blindfolded in a car (riaaow!), headed to a secret destination. When he sees they're at a skydiving field, it's hilarious 'cause he HATES heights. Poor guy is sh*tting himself.

He just told the camera he's going to "take this leap of faith for her. She'd be there through thick and thin for me and she should know I would be the same." CUTE.

He's trying so hard to be excited but he. Is. Just. Petrified. It's cute to see what he's willing to do for Sam.

He jumped! He jumped! He's a braver man than he gives himself credit for — kicked his fear of heights to the side and pulled through for Sam . . . Who is the most excited person ever.

When Sasha lands, his relief is palpable, but his attention immediately turns to Sam. She lands fine and everything, but soon starts to feel lightheaded and nauseous. She lays on the ground and Sash looks sick about it — and then cut to ad break.

We return and Sam is OK — her heart rate's a little fast (maybe 'cause Sasha's around, amirite?) but soon slows down. Most importantly, Sash doesn't leave her side for a second and he looks after her so nicely. They move things to a more romantic setting, where talk quickly turns to Sam's insecurities. She's worried that Sasha will be disappointed with her once all the glitz and glam of the show is over. A) She's crazy — she's such a catch! And b) if she could see what we see, she'd know Sasha is head over heels for Sam as a person, not what she comes with on the show. He reassures her that he's there for her and falling more and more in love with her . . . and we're dead on the floor with all this cuteness.

Richie's turn! Sam just said she wants someone who makes her happy "inside and out" and that Richie is that guy. Oooh, it Richie the one?! That's a big thing to say about someone. She also says she's hoping Richie opens up a little and lets his feelings come out — she's taking him to the snow, which he's never seen before, and seems super excited so they're off to a good start!

During their skiing sesh, Sam and Richie are having THE best time. Laughing, cuddling and having cute chats . . . But Sam's worried Richie's not really giving himself up to love in this experience. He tells her he's worried about getting hurt at the end of it and Sam totally gets it after the Blake saga last year. He opens up a bit about why he finds it hard to letting his walls down — and then tells her he's falling for her. Sweet!

Time for Michael's date! Sam says she loves that she always knows where she stands with Michael, because he's so open with his feelings for her. He's so excited to see her, and she him. They're going whale watching and Michael's straight into the serious conversation. He tells her his parents miss her (um, but they hardly know her?) and then says his mum actually proposed to his dad. Sam loves it, but when Michael asks her if she'd do the same, she dodges the question. He asks again and she says she would . . . And we're kind of getting vibes like Michael's more into Sam than Sam's into Michael. Just a vibe though, WHO KNOWS.

Sam and Michael continue their date at a romantic dinner under the glass at the Sydney Aquarium. He's sooo excited about it. Like won't stop talking about it. Or Sam. Or how much he likes her. Sam tells the camera she's slightly worried about Michael's career and potential travel he might do. He explains to her that he's done with that side of his career and is more than open to compromise. His words make Sam happy — especially when he reminds her that he's falling in love with her. She's a lucky girl, Sam is — but she really deserves her happily ever after.

Oh my God, we're so nervous.

Cut to the rose ceremony and all the guys are so anxious to just get it over with. Poor Sam looks sick about what she has to do. She calls Sasha's name first and its such a relief because, honestly, he's been such a frontrunner this whole time. But we don't want Michael OR Richie to go!! Sam starts crying a bit and you can tell this is genuinely difficult for her. She calls Michael's name, which means our boy Richie is headed home. As Michael goes to collect his rose, Sam breaks down into tears. It's HEARTBREAKING. Poor Richie looks sad, but also like he just wants to comfort Sam. Osher enters and tells Richie it's time to go, which is a sentence we never wanted to hear. Sam takes Richie outside and tells him she thinks he's amazing and so special . . . just not the one for her. He handles it so well and he's off — disappointed but not bitter. What a man. So! Sasha or Michael. Who's it gonna be? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Image Source: Network Ten
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