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The Bachelorette Australia 2016 Finale Live Blog Recap

The Bachelorette 2016 Finale — Every Moment as It Happened!

Tonight's the night we've all been waiting for — in a couple of hours, we'll know who has won The Bachelorette, and Georgia Love's heart, and we can barely wait. We'll be covering the finale live, right here, so stay tuned — in the meantime, check out all our Bachelorette content, including last-minute interviews, words from heartbroken Jake Ellis, everything you need for a finale party and more!

  • We're in Singapore. We're so nervous we can barely type. We're on!
  • Georgia takes us through a recap of her time with Matty J and Lee and, ugh, they are both perfect. It's actually stressful. Our poll indicates it's Matty who's gonna win . . . Thoughts?
  • They're flying Scoot. Many plugs occur.
  • Lee is looking hot. Matty is looking hot. They both love Georgia. We're terrified.
  • Georgia's dad and sister join her in Singapore — her beautiful mum is too unwell to join them, but she delivers a special message to Georgia via video. It's truly such a heartbreaking moment. We know how close Georgia and her mum are, and we know how tough she's doing it right now.
  • Georgia tells her dad and sister that she's introducing them to her last two men. First up, Matty. He's nervous!
  • Matty's meeting with the fam goes well at first . . . The questions are relatively straight-forward and it's all going well, until they start talking about location. (This seems to be a major theme this season.) Georgia's family is worried about the prospect of a long-distance relationship buuut we already know Matty's OK with moving down to Melbourne.
  • Matty makes a bit of a boo-boo when he suggests a long-distance relationship to Georgia's dad. Her dad is NOT keen on the idea, but Matty quickly rectifies the situation by being his lovely self and opening up a bit to him. In the end: he gets the nod of approval from Georgia's dad and sister. Yey!
  • Lee's turn . . . His clothes are tight and his face is pretty. Georgia's sister Katie isn't heaps impressed — she thinks he's too smooth!
  • Uh oh — she takes Lee aside for a chat and tells him she thinks he's a bit smooth. He's a bit taken aback but he does a good job of proving himself to her. He tells Katie he's falling in love with Georgia! It's cute and it seems to soften Katie's hard stance on him.
  • Hmm, so. Katie seems to have a tough time telling Georgia which guy they think is right for Georgia. Georgia gets a little bit upset and frustrated — she wants a firm answer and her dad and sister can't give it to her. Her dad does say that he prefers Lee (oooh!) purely because he can't see Matty moving from Sydney to Melbourne.
  • Now it isssss DATE TIME! Matty's first and they're ringing The Bell of Happiness — it's cute, they kiss . . . and then they going zip-lining! They seem really cute together, and they have a lot of fun. They head off to a butterfly enclosure — romance — where Matty reminds Georgia how he feels about her. They kiss some more and honestly, we just don't know about this entire show anymore. They BOTH need to win.
  • Lee and Georgia hit the town in a trishaw. Then they're on a boat. Georgia looks smitten. He's smitten. His jeans are very tight but the man wears them well.
  • It's really romantic, they're on the water, Singapore puts on an incredible light show, it's all really, really perfect. They head up to the Marina Bay Sands pool (they have it all to themselves, lucky thangs) and he tells her he loves her and he doesn't want to go home without her. Swoon. To be honest, Georgia seems SO into it/him. Is this a trick though? Are they tricking us?!
  • The guys are getting dressed for the final rose ceremony and they both look so hot. Office is currently a chorus of "oohs" and "aahs". We're so nervous, it's nearly time!
  • Georgia tells Osher she's in love with her chosen man. Matty says he's about to throw up. We're about to throw up.
  • MATTY J IS OUT OF THE CAR FIRST. WE CANNOT. She's about to break his heart, someone help us. She tells him she's fallen in love . . . with someone else. He is DEVASTATED. We are devastated. We love Lee too, but seeing Matty heartbroken is too much to bear.
  • Lee arrives! He still doesn't know and we're sooo excited for him — he loves her and she loves him . . . It's pretty special!
  • She says, "I love you so much," he says, "I love you so much," they kiss and it's all happy daaaays! And. We. Are. Done! See ya next year, friends.
Image Source: Network Ten
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