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The Bachelorette Australia 2016 Second-Last Episode Recap

Live Recap: It's the Penultimate Episode of The Bachelorette 2016, Here's Every Detail

We're nervous. There are three men left on The Bachelorette — Matty Johnson, Lee Elliott and Jake Ellis — and one of them is going to get his heart broken tonight. Tomorrow night, in the finale, another one will be in the same position. It's a tough time on the show, but also so exciting because we get to watch Georgia Love inch closer to finding her true love. Tonight's episode kicks off at 7:30 p.m. on Network Ten, and you can bet your last rose petal that we'll be covering every moment live, right here. Scroll for the short and sharp details as they happen.

  • We open with Georgia talking about how hard it's going to be to let one of these guys go — and by jingo, we ain't jealous. She's got a tough call ahead of her.
  • She starts the episode with a single date with Lee (can you blame the girl?). They're in a helicopter. Budget cuts have ceased.
  • Has anyone addressed how attractive Lee is? No? We'll take one for the team: Lee is divine.
  • Oohwee, they're flying over Sydney Harbour and it's all so pretty. Outside the helicopter isn't bad either.
  • They're doing a sort of scenic tour of their date locations . . . and it's all pretty romantic, TBH. Georgia says the entire setting is so magical, and she's not wrong. "I don't think we can top this," she says — that doesn't bode well for Jake and Matty!
  • Lee and Georgia get down to the important part — the part where they have a conversation — and it quickly gets serious. Georgia brings up how much she loved seeing Lee in Melbourne, and how perfectly their lives would fit together. Lee essentially tells Georgia, without saying the magic words, that he's falling for her. They kiss. Nawww.
  • Bike ride! What's a cute date without a bike ride? (It's still a cute date.)
  • OK so, everything goes swimmingly but Georgia's worried about how much Lee mentions their Melbourne connection. She sits him down to ask him if he would feel the same way about her if she lived somewhere else. He OBVIOUSLY confirms that he would, and then he tells her he's falling for her. Cuteness. She says, "It was the best thing I heard all day," and for a minute we think, "All day? How about all your life?" and then Georgia says, "It's one of the best things I've ever heard." That's better, girl.
  • Jake's turn! Can he top Lee's date? We reckon he's capable of anything with those eyes. They're checking out Sydney Harbour from the water (I literally just repeated what Georgia said) and they spend a lot of time canoodling while they steer the boat they're on. They have so much chemistry — it's undeniable! They kiss a lot, there's a lot of sexy eye contact, there are vibes. It's intense . . . and we know Jake is so into her.
  • They quickly get into a chat about logisitics — i.e., the fact that she lives in Melbourne and he's on the Gold Coast. All this location talk is making us a little sad. You'll make it work, guys! If you're the right people for each other, it'll work out.
  • They're now in a swanky hotel room having a drink, ooh la la. Well, Jake's pouring drinks and Georgia's arrival is imminent.
  • Holy shit, Georgia looks incredible! She makes and entrance and a half in this long, black, delicious gown. Jake practically passed out right there on the spot.
  • And, here we go, they're straight into geographical talk again. Jake tells Georgia his mum isn't well again (so much sad face, we hope she's OK now) and they have an important chat about — realistically — if Jake could move to Melbourne to be with Georgia when his family needs him. Jake says "distance is only distance if you let it be," a sentiment we love, and then he tells Georgia he wants her to be his "One." You know, The One. Georgia's totally moved by Jake's determination and willingness to fight for her — and it is beautiful to see.
  • Matty's turn for a single date! We've noticed Georgia always mentions how much "fun" she has with Matty. We wonder: friend fun, or lover fun? We know they have a great time together, but is there romance and sexual chemistry between them? We're thinking yes, but we're yet to hear it from Georgia.
  • They head to a gin distillery, where they mix their own gin — it's a nod to the four years Matty spent in London, and it's a cute date idea.
  • Matty wants to tell Georgia he loves her, and he's kinda shitting himself. What a cutie. Oh gosh, he's so attractive. The way he looks at her . . . the intensity. It's pretty special.
  • They're in a jacuzzi now! Shirtless Matty . . . sigh. *PAUSE* Sorry, we actually couldn't type — the scene was THAT good. Short story: Matty told Georgia he's falling in love with her, while looking all sexy and vulnerable, and they kissed passionately and ugh.
  • It's the rose ceremony now and we can't look.
  • Noooo, beautiful, lovely Jake is going home. He looks so sad! Georgia is crying, Jake can hardly talk . . . Ugh. Jake, we hope you're OK!
Image Source: Network Ten
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