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LIVE: The Bachelorette Finale Is Here! Will Michael or Sasha Win?

After five weeks and too many sweet, funny moments to count, season one of The Bachelorette is coming to an end tonight. Sam Frost will make her decision between Sasha Mielczarek and Michael Turnbull in the much-hyped finale, and we don't envy the huge decision she has to make. Both men are gorgeous and kind, but only one can be the love of Sam's life. Scroll as we cover every moment live!

We're running through everything that's happened until now — it's telling a beautiful story between both Sam and Michael and Sam and Sasha. Both Michael and Sasha tell the camera they're falling in love with Sam . . . They just need to tell Sam how they really feel now!

They're winging their way to New Zealand for the final dates and the big finale with Sam, who's now talking to camera and saying that her biggest fear is falling in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way about her.

In this episode, Sam will be introducing the guys to her family. They're super tight so it'll be interesting to see how this goes down.

Michael's first to meet Sam's brother and sister and he's definitely got a way of talking — he sounds sincere and sweet, and answers every question really well. Though, Sam's sister is worried that he sounds like a salesman. Must be his media training from his soccer days?

Sam's sister takes Michael off for a chat and she tells him he seems like "a smooth talker." Michael can't really answer . . . And cut to ad break.

Ooh. Sam's sister Kris mentions the fact that Blake [Garvey] was a smooth talker too, and they "ended up with egg on our faces." Michael tells her he was super nervous before and that he's "far from perfect." He does sound heartfelt and genuine . . . But he's also talking a LOT and she seems slightly suss.

Sasha's turn! He's so down to earth and sweet, you can tell his "this isn't my scene" vibe is sitting quite well with Sam's family. He tells them he's there for the right reasons.

Her sister says he seems to be really into Sam and that they really seem like they bounce off each other. Now she's whisked Sasha away for a chat and grills him about whether or not he loves Sam. He says he's falling in love with her but won't tell her "I love you," until he can say it to her privately and when he's 100 percent sure. It's a concern for her sister that neither of the guys could say that they love Sam.

Date time! Michael's up first and there's a LOT of talk of feelings and thoughts and blah blah. We're just IMPATIENT please give us the finale already.

They're going whitewater rafting and Michael's legit nervous, LOL. They survive their adventure and they're off to the next stage of their date . . . and it looks like Michael might be gearing up to tell Sam he loves her! Ad break.

They head to a hot spring — ooh, romance — AND HE TELLS HER HE LOVES HER! "Sam Frost, I do love you," he says. Oh gosh, we're suddenly realising someone's going to get hurt soon . . . They're all so invested! Sam's extremely relieved to hear Michael tell her he loves her, she says it makes her feel safe knowing if he's the one she chooses, he loves her back.

Time for Sasha's date and they're super excited to see each other. They head out on a boat and snuggle under a blanket for some chats. Sasha tells her he's been thinking about her late at night — about what their kids would look like and so on — and it totally thrills Sam. It means a lot to her, and you can see she's relieved to hear he's got these strong feelings for her. That said, Sasha tells the camera he doesn't want to tell her he loves her until he's the last one standing. Oooh, controversial.

They catch a seaplane to their next destination, where there's a beautiful picnic set up by a fire. Conversation turns serious. He tells her it would be devastating if he was left up there "without you." It's so sweet, but Sam wants the "I love you."


It's time for the finale and we're sooo nervous . . . But gosh, it's gotta be Sasha, right? She loves him. You can see it.

She's wearing the most glamorous white gown. Sh*t is getting real.

Both guys are telling the camera how much they want to win and how much they love Sam. It's time . . . The cars are pulling up!

Michael's out first. That usually means he'll be the one to go home tonight . . . Whoever arrives first usually goes.


She's crying so much she can't tell him that he hasn't won. He's being extremely gracious and tells her it's OK. He tells her to look after Sasha, because he's amazing. OMG! This is so amazing. Michael's reaction has totally made him a legend in our eyes — so gracious and classy in his response to heartbreak. Respect. Now Sam just gets to tell Sasha he's won!

Sasha's there and Sam's super emotional. She's crying and struggling to get words out . . . Sash looks nervous!

Long speech about being scared and feeling like she'd never find the right person. Then: "I've been waiting my whole life to meet you."

SO BEAUTIFUL! "I love you so much," she tells Sash. And KIIIIISSSSS!

Image Source: Network Ten
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