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Bert and Patti Newton speak to Tracey Grimshaw on A Current Affair to discuss their troubled son Matt Newton's problems

Pop Poll: Should Bert and Patti Newton Have Spoken Out?

A distraught Bert and Patti Newton appeared on A Current Affair last night to talk about their troubled son Matthew. They revealed that he is currently on suicide watch and has suffered from psychotic episodes in the past. The pair said they didn’t know the details surrounding Matt’s alleged assault on actress Rachael Taylor in Rome, but that he is now receiving treatment at a Sydney psychiatric clinic. Patti says they took Matthew to specialists from the age of 14 where “bipoloar (disorder) was mentioned” and that Matthew wouldn’t take medication because he feared it would affect his acting. She says, “We were all aware there was a bomb about to go off somewhere, sometime” and that he had threatened to kill himself “many times.” Patti also said she was speaking out because she didn’t want their son’s problems to tarnish Bert’s 60 career in the entertainment industry. The pair say Matthew is aware of what he’s done and that they hope he receives the medical help he so desperately needs. What did you think of the interview? Should Bert and Patti have spoken out about Matthew’s problems?

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