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Best Restaurants, Clubs and Bars in Brisbane From MasterChef's Ellie Paxton-Hall and Actor Lincoln Lewis

Sugar's Little Black Book of Secrets . . . Brisbane

We’ve come to the tail end of our Little Black Book series, highlighting some of the best restaurants, bars, cafes and places to hang out in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. For our Brisbane city guide we’re turning to two familiar faces for their picks on where to go: this year’s youngest MasterChef contestant, Ellie Paxton-Hall, and former Home and Away star-turned-big screen leading man Lincoln Lewis. A big thanks to Ellie and Lincoln for their recommendations!

Ellie Paxton-Hall

What’s the social scene in Brisbane like?
It’s really good. People go out every Friday and Saturday night — I tend to go out every weekend. Usually I’ll have a dinner party at my house and then head out to the city, or The [Fortitude] Valley. It depends what we feel like. There are a few trendy bars around West End — I usually like to go to Sling Bar. If I go to Valley [there’s] Alibi Room and Cloudland.

If someone is visiting Brisbane for the first time, what do you recommend they do, see or experience?
I would suggest that they go to New Farm because you’ve got the park there, and you’ve got lots of beautiful cafes and restaurants. I’d tell them to go down Brunswick Street — there are good shops and cool places to hang out. Southbank is always good — it has a lot of different restaurants; you can choose any cuisine that you want. I love Paddington because I live around there — I always hang out at Sassafras and there are lots of cool shops around there as well.

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How is Brisbane different to the Gold Coast?
It is very different. [In Brisbane] you can choose whatever you want — a trendy bar, clubbing or a nice restaurant.

What are some of your favourite restaurants?
My favourite restaurant is Libertine, which is in The Barracks — it’s French-Vietnamese food, which I love.

Sling Lounge Bar, 153 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane, (07) 3255 3522.

The Alibi Room, 720 Brunswick Street, New Farm, Brisbane, (07) 3358 6669.

Cloudland Bar, 641 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, (07) 3872 6600.

Sassafras, 88 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD, (07) 3369 0600.

Libertine, No. 5, The Barracks, 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, (07) 3367 3353.

Lincoln Lewis

Favourite bar: The Normanby Hotel

Lincoln says it has a “great atmosphere with a variety of different environments to hang all in the one place.” He also says Normanby has great food — it offers two dining options: either the award-winning Bovine Restaurant or Garden Grill Dining, which is great for those who like to eat al fresco.

The Normanby Hotel, 1 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, QLD, (07) 3831 3353.

Favourite restaurant: The Breakfast Creek Hotel

Lincoln loves the Brekky Creek Hotel because it has “the best streaks in Brissy.” It’s an iconic venue that has been around since 1889 — it was even recognised as a Q150 icon during the celebrations of Queensland’s 150th birthday! As Lincoln says, the steaks are world famous, and they’ve proven that when it comes to a delicious meal it doesn’t get much better than perfectly-cooked meat and tasty sides.

The Breakfast Creek Hotel, 2 Kingsford Smith Drive, Albion, QLD, (07) 3262 5988.

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