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Billy Law Eliminated From MasterChef a Second Time, and Recap of MasterChef Series Three Spoilers

Keeping Track of This Year's MasterChef Spoilers

It was Billy’s Exit 2.0 on MasterChef last night, when the 34-year-old web designer was sent home a second time on the back of a super-complicated pressure test. His only competitor was Kate Bracks after Ellie Paxton-Hall saved herself from cooking by using her immunity pin. The dish was an intricate dessert simply called “Autumn” set by pastry chef Katrina Kenatani, and while the judges said Billy had nailed the complex plating of the dish, his dessert lacked the overall flavour requirements met by Kate’s clumsily-plated version.

But for many MasterChef fans Billy’s elimination was expected thanks to a tweet on his Twitter account @atablefortwo earlier in the day that read, “Good to see you all again! I've cut the #MasterChef judges with my flavour and I'm outta here! Read about my experience.” The tweet was removed shortly after (it has since been re-posted), as was the link attached to his blog. There’s speculation that Billy had timed the tweet but just a few hours too early, and it’s the latest of what appears to have been a spoiler-filled MasterChef series.

Keep reading for the other spoilers so far . . .

In June, ahead of Hayden Quinn’s second immunity pin challenge, Matt Preston posted an incorrect Facebook status that led many to assume that Hayden was successful in the episode, however Matt denied that it was a spoiler and that he had typed the wrong thing (a few words make all the difference!). Another editing mix-up a few weeks later showed Dani Venn wearing her gold immunity pin in a team challenge days before her victorious episode aired. And, of course, news of the whole Mat Beyer smartphone scandal broke in real-time in mid-June, about a month before his booting was shown on TV.

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