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The Block's Katrina and Amie "Deserve Something Back"

Despite an underwhelming result on Sunday night’s grand final of The Block 2011, where only Polly Porter and Waz Jones’ house was sold, things got better for some of the other contestants yesterday, when it was announced that Rod and Tania Walsh, and Josh Densten and Jenna Whitehead, had sold their houses and pocketed the respective profits ($72,000 and $50,000). So what about Katrina Chambers and Amie Godde? The sisters sold their house after Saturday night’s auction for the reserve price of $860,000, meaning they earned nothing back. However, Channel Nine have said, “We will be looking after them,” and The Block executive producer Julian Cress told the Sydney Morning Herald, “They’re terrific women, they gave a lot and they deserve something back — and we will do all we can to ensure they get it.” How do you think Katrina and Amie should be rewarded for their work?

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jack110 jack110 5 years
If the sisters don't get the money, I think, it would only be fare if they both got a Toyota Corolla - the same ones as on The Block.
Snowy1965 Snowy1965 5 years
Honestly the sisters do not deserve anything. They signed onto the show knowing the risks. Rod & Tania have already stated they did not even realise they were getting paid $700 each per week, plus all food paid for. So that was an added bonus for them. You go into a contest knowing there will be one winner. Pretty simple you have a one in four chance of winning. They shouldn't have sold their house directly after the auction. If Rod & Tania and Josh & Jenna refused to accept the offers of the reserve price after the houses were passed in on the night of the auction, then the sisters did not have to accept the offer of the reserve price on theirs either. That is just logic. The sisters had a tantrum, nothing unusual there, they had tantrums throughout the series. They sold their house at reserve stupidly because they were angry. That is no ones fault but their own. They obviously did not have to. Although some have alluded to the fact that the sisters have said they had no choice, if they had no choice but to accept the reserve then why have they not publicly challenged the producers on this fact? I mean would it not be very unfair for them to not have the same options as the other contestants (as in Rod & Tania & Josh & Jenna?). If they are put on our TV screens I personally will be furious. I wanted to scream every time I heard them whine & moan on The Block. As did many of my friends. I think there would be outcry from many if they were given a TV show for being stupid & not waiting for a few days after the auction to get the best price. No doubt some will now hang me for saying this, however it is how I feel. Their real character was shown on the night of the auction. The fury & nastiness that was on their faces was just awful & incredibly embarrassing for them. It showed them in their true colours. I felt incredibly sorry for their poor husbands who had to bear the brunt of their anger. At least the other two couples were very nice about the fact their houses passed in. Accepting that this happens & that it is real life at its worst. After all this is a reality show so reality has to happen.
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