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Bride and Prejudice Episode 11: Did Fatima Try to Stop Jess and Seyat's Wedding?

Escape for Love Publicity Stills

It's episode 11 of Bride and Prejudice and two couples are set to tie the knot — Melissa and Aalden, and Jess and Seyat.

First up are Melissa and Aalden, and Melissa's sister Rachael is um-ing and ah-ing over whether to be Melissa's maid of honour, considering she still low-key hates Aalden. After some pensive strolling along the beach (do people ponder anywhere else on reality TV?), she comes to the conclusion she will have to take her hands off the wheel on this one and at least attempt to trust Aalden. Melissa's mum Jill gives her her "100 per cent blessing" and, ultimately, Rachael accepts the position of maid of honour. Melissa is surprised by Rachael's willingness considering she is "quite a hard arse." Well, seems that . . . competitive paintball session between Aalden and Rachael really helped release some tension.

The big day arrives and the ceremonies begin with Melissa and Aalden's children walking down the aisle as page boy and flower girl, which sets the water-works off immediately among many attendees. Cute! In Melissa's vows, she seems to at least hint at Aalden's past indiscretions, saying "you drive me nuts and keep me on my toes but I wouldn't change you for the world." "I choose you to be my husband because you're a wonderful man with a big heart and a beautiful soul," she adds. In Aalden's vows, he addresses not only Melissa but their kids as well, saying "I want you to know that we will conquer all life's challenges, celebrate all our victories and chase all our wildest dreams together . . . above all else, you are loved like crazy." This sentiment causes their daughter Michaela to tear up and not going to lie, I'm close to tears myself. They are pronounced husband and wife and everything at least seems to be all sunshine and rainbows. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

We now move on to Jess and Seyat and we open on both of them weeping their hearts out. Oh no, what could have possibly happened? Oh, they're just sad they have to spend one night apart in the lead up to the wedding. That's star-crossed lovers for ya, I guess. Got to hand it to her, Seyat's mum Fatima is persistent. She corners Seyat for one last interrogation in an attempt to convince him not to be married. He asks her if she's excited about the wedding and she replies "not really," which is actually the nicest thing she's said about the whole thing. Fatima questions what their rush is, but Seyat turns the heat back on his parents by pointing out they'd only known each other for two weeks when they got married. Talk about mike drop. And talk about hypocritical! But Fatima argues it was different "back then." Whatever 'back then' means.

It's time for the wedding and although Fatima does rock up, which is certainly a start, she looks "so pissed off," as Dylan puts it. Seyat says hi and compliments her but she blatantly ignores him. One can only assume the only reason she's here is to try to stop the wedding. "I feel like this is the worst day of my life," she says, and if her son getting married is the worst day of her life then she must have had it pretty good! The celebrant, who is rather jarringly jovial considering the tension in the room, then calls for anyone who may take issue with the union to say their piece. The dramatic music rises in volume as Fatima appears to fidget in her seat, but ultimately, she is able to restrain herself. They move on to the vows, and Seyat says he promises to be with Jess forever, even when she's "grumpy in the mornings." True love right there. Jess says she knows they are "strong enough to overcome any obstacle that comes [their] way," which Fatima and Seyat's dad Sam roll their eyes at. "Love is tough and it is hard work, but when I have such a beautiful person standing in front of me, the tough times and hard work are all worth it," she says. "Every morning waking up with you will be a constant reminder of how incredibly lucky I am to call you my husband." Sheesh, Fatima surely has a heart made of stone if she's not moved by that! After the ceremony Fatima says she felt like "slapping Jess one," but luckily she refrains from that. Seyat and Jess both agree that nothing can break them up, and here's hoping they're right.

There are now just two couples left to get married! Until next week.

Image Source: Channel Seven
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