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Bride and Prejudice's Ange and Dylan Just Got Married and We Can't Even Handle the Cuteness

Ange and Dylan were undoubtedly one of the most stable couples on this year's Bride and Prejudice. While many of the couples allowed the pressures of the experience to cause cracks in their relationship, Ange and Dylan left the retreat even more solid than they entered it. But of course, there was a catch, in the form of Ange's dad John. John struggled to accept Ange's sexuality from the moment she first came out, citing his Christian beliefs and the absence of Ange's mum, who passed away, as reasons for his disapproval of her relationship with Dylan. Eventually, however, after many heart to hearts, John was finally able to come around and accept not only their relationship, but Ange's sexuality as a whole.

With all the tension behind them, Ange and Dylan could finally get hitched. In their vows, Ange thanked Dylan for pushing her to be a better person, and for "[seeing] the light in me when I feel dark." In turn, Dylan vowed to provide Ange with positive influences, and "absorb anything negative" that may enter her life. "I promise to keep you safe, but let you experience what you need to learn from still . . . mostly I just want to be around to watch you grow into the most beautiful, successful version of whoever you want to be." Talk about cute! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Image Source: Channel Seven
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