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Bruce Willis Wears a Meat Hat Inspired by Lady Gaga on The Late Show with David Letterman

Bruce Willis Dons a Lady Gaga-Esque Meat Hat on Letterman

If you thought everyone was over the whole meat dress ensemble a week after Lady Gaga wore it to the MTV Video Music Awards, you were wrong. It seems someone hasn’t been able to let go of the “trend”, and it’s none other than Bruce Willis! He wore a meat toupee to see David Letterman and jokingly explained how it was “all natural . . . inspired by—what is that crazy lady? Lady Gaga!” He said the meat was “100 percent ground beef sirloin, top shelf, organic,” before offering Letterman a bite of his tartare hat. And Letterman accepted the challenge by putting a forkful in his mouth, then he ran backstage to spit it out. See it all unfold in the video.

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