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Cate Blanchett Interview on Late Show With David Letterman

Watch Cate Blanchett Give David Letterman a Lesson on Australia

If viewers of The Late Show with David Letterman didn’t have much knowledge about Australia, they certainly do now. Cate Blanchett appeared on the talk show yesterday to promote her new movie Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s latest, but with all the buzz surrounding the royal baby’s arrival, David first asked Cate about how Australians felt about being subjects of the queen. Conversation also turned to whether Tasmania is part of Australia, what the weather is like in Sydney, and certain Australian animals — and Cate schooled David with her smart and often sarcastic sense of humour. You can watch the full chat above and find highlights below:

  • On how Australians feel about being subjects of the Queen: “Some people take it not so well. But I’ve played a couple of queens and I live in Sydney, where there’s a lot of queens.”
  • On Australian history: “Originally for 40,000 years there was an indigenous [people], and then the whites came in . . .”
  • On why Aussie actors head to Hollywood: “Because there’s no work [laughs]. No, it’s a small film industry. Running the [Sydney] Theatre Company, there’s so many amazing actors. But it’s great, we’ve taken some shows to New York and to Europe. It’s great when you can take the whole enterprise. But, you know, we travel. It’s a long way away.”
  • On whether Tasmania is part of Australia: “That is. Wikipedia’s quite useful.”
  • On Tasmanian Devils: “They’ve got facial tumours. And they’re ugly enough to start with, the poor little things. They’re being eradicated. There’s many, many species that are being wiped out, [like] the quoll.”
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