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Celebrity Flight Feud: Jay Kay vs Johnny Rotten

Celebrity In-Flight Feud: Jay Kay vs Johnny Rotten

Jay Kay of Jamiroquai was just in Sydney for an appearance on The X Factor and had a less than pleasant journey on his way to Australia. The singer found himself sitting next to John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols, on a business class flight and was unimpressed by Johnny's, erm, personal hygiene and mid-air turbulence issues. Jay Kay explains:

"He is a f****** nuisance. I was seated next to him on a flight and the whole trip he just kept farting. It was totally foul. He kept saying, 'Oh, that wasn't me' or, 'The meal smells a bit off, don't you think?' He drove me insane."

Jay Kay says it was so bad that if the two were ever seated next to each other again on a flight, he’d rather sit in economy. He adds, "At least I'd be able to breathe a bit. They banned smoking in the air and they should ban farting."

Do you think Jay Kay is overreacting or was Johnny totally out of line?

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