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Is it Just Me, Or Are the Contestants Being a Little Too Strategic on MKR?

The 2018 season of My Kitchen Rules is well underway, and with new rounds of instant restaurants come new competition — not just in the literal sense of the show, either.

So far, we've seen two instant restaurants. NSW brothers Josh and Nic's, and Queensland couple Alex and Emily's. At the latter restaurant, which aired last night, Rachael blatantly questioned the way the teams scored Josh and Nic. "It's interesting how now we're going around the table and everyone's talking about how they loved it, but why didn't the scores add up?" she asked. And I have to say, whatever your opinions of Roula and Rachael, she did have a point.

Josh and Nic came out with a score of 41 out of 70 from the other teams. Alex and Emily walked away with 33. Neither restaurant was a huge hit, but neither was a complete disaster, either, which raises some eyebrows about how objectively the scoring is handled. Now, I get that MKR is a competition and everyone is in it to win it, but that shouldn't take away from giving a fair score whenever it's due. Everyone is there to enjoy good food, and you'd want others to do the same for you.

Every year without fail, MKR involves some contestant iteration of "We're really passionate about food", "Don't mess with me when I'm in the kitchen" and "We know good food." All lines that attempt to attest to the culinary prowess and tastes of the team in question, which, you'd hope, would in turn reflect in the way they received what's served up to them. Unfortunately, what often transpires is an unreasonably harsh critique of their fellow contestants, which creates its own vicious low-scoring cycle. Emma called last night's bisquotto "inedible" (was it really, though?), and Matty, who didn't even know what pâté was to begin with, clearly let his own ignorance affect giving out a measly score of four.

Granted, everyone has different tastes, and we'll never really know if the food wasn't genuinely up to scratch, but for a show that touts home cooking as its main celebration, surely a little reality check wouldn't be amiss amongst contestants (remember, this isn't MasterChef). That, or making damn well sure your own cooking lives up to the hype.

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