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Courtney Cox stars in Cougar Town premiering on Channel Seven tonight, February 11, 2010

Pop Preview: Cougar Town

First of all, let me just say I'm so over the word "cougar." It was cute and funny—back in 2007. Now it's jumped the shark. But that being said, I'm still really excited about the premiere of Cougar Town tonight on Seven. Let's take a closer look:

What's it about? A divorced 40-year-old real estate agent with a teenage son tries to find out if she can regain her dating mojo while also keeping her self-respect.

Who's in it? Courteney Cox, Busy Philipps, Christa Miller, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins and Brian Van Holt.

The good: There's something familiar and welcoming about seeing Courteney on screen again as Jules. Busy Philipps plays her unabashedly trashy co-worker and it's good to see Christa Miller (the evil Jordan from Scrubs) back in a regular series. Dan Byrd (Heroes, Aliens in America) does a great job of convincing us that having Jules for a mother would be embarrassing.

The bad: The show's language is a bit raunchy and Jules can seem too sex-crazed and desperate (especially because it's hard to believe she's having such trouble finding a date in the first place). The show leans on physical comedy more than I expected, though to be fair, Courteney can pull it off. And I love that there's a show with a hot leading lady in her 40s.

Will I keep watching? Ab-so-freaking-lutely!

Keep reading to check out a preview of the show.

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