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Daenerys House of the Undying Theory Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Foreshadows Daenerys's Fate, and It Includes Khal Drogo

Now that Daenerys Targaryen is on the move (and clearly makes it to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros) for season seven of Game of Thrones, many devoted fans are wondering what's next for the banished dragon queen. Per Dany's numerous proclamations over the past several seasons, it's clear that she aims to "take what's hers" by claiming the Iron Throne; but the question is, how will she do it? And beyond the logistics of deposing Cersei Lannister, one theory based on an important moment from Daenerys's past purports that she won't actually take the throne at all.

Redditor Try_Another_NO came up with this theory based on the second season finale, wherein Daenerys pays a visit to the House of the Undying. You may recall this story line because it carries weight for several important theories within the GOT universe . . . or perhaps just because Daenerys reunites with husband Khal Drogo and her stillborn son, Rhaego, in one of her heartbreaking visions.

The Theory

Per the full Reddit theory, one specific aspect of Daenerys's visit to the House of the Undying, which you can watch here, hints that she will never sit upon the Iron Throne:

"Daenerys enters the throne room of Kings Landing. The roof is destroyed, likely by dragon-fire, while both snow and nightfall creep in. This, clearly, symbolises that both Daenerys and "the Long Night" have come to Kings [sic] Landing. She approaches the throne, and reaches out. But we know, and she quickly realises, that if she seizes the throne in this vision, she is doomed."

Because Daenerys pulls her hand back from the throne in her prophecy-rich House of the Undying vision, theorises Try_Another_NO, she will retreat from the throne when she actually arrives in King's Landing on the show. But why would she stop herself from taking what she believes is rightfully hers? Duty, purports the theory, and destiny.

". . . Duty and destiny stop Daenerys from lingering in the throne room in the vision. Duty and destiny will stop Daenerys from lingering in the throne room at Kings [sic] Landing. Daenerys is called to the next vision just as she will be called to fulfill the next prophecy.

Duty and destiny will call Daenerys beyond The Wall to confront the White Walkers after she seizes the throne.

She leaves the cold, dark throne room and finds herself passing through the gates at Castle Black to go beyond the wall. But this is not just a vision, or a trick by the warlocks at the House of the Undying. This, too, is a prophecy. As she leaves the gate, she is confronted by the same kind of blizzard that always accompanies the White Walkers. The symbolism of this is not hard to grasp. Duty and destiny will call Daenerys beyond the wall to confront the White Walkers, after she seizes the throne."

The fan theorist asserts that based on her visions, Daenerys is destined to confront the otherworldly creatures beyond The Wall, and will abandon her dreams of ruling the Seven Kingdoms in order to do so. But that's not the only part of Dany's vision in the House of the Undying that may foretell her fate. Read on about the final part of her season two vision:

"As Daenerys walks through the blizzard, she sees a Dothraki tent. But this isn't any Dothraki tent; this is the same tent where the witch sacrificed her son to 'save' Drogo. This is the same tent where she smothered Drogo. This is the tent where Mirri Maz Duur claimed 'the dead will dance here tonight.' The tent she sees in the blizzard symbolises death. When she enters the tent, she sees the dead. Drogo and her son.

Her entering this tent, in the midst of the blizzard beyond the wall, is in-your-face prophecy. Daenerys will die fighting the White Walkers beyond the wall, after seizing the Iron Throne for herself. When greeted by Drogo, she looks at him and says, 'This is dark magic. Like the magic that took you from me. Took you from me before I could even . . . Maybe I am dead and I just don't know it yet.' Drogo tells her that he refused to enter the Night Lands without her.

. . . He continues to wait for her, in the tent of death, in the blizzard, beyond the wall."

What It Means For Daenerys in Season Seven

The fact that Dany's vision concludes with Drogo and Rhaego waiting for her, claims the theory, means that she will die fighting the White Walkers and reunite with her family in the Night Lands (the Dothraki afterlife). Not only will the dragon queen shirk the Iron Throne, but she will abandon her earthly plane altogether.

She will die fighting the White Walkers and reunite with her family in the Night Lands.

Considering how significant the visions from The House of the Undying have been thus far in the series, this theory could certainly have some sway. After all, Daenerys's same visions foretold the truth of Jon Snow's parentage, which was confirmed in season six. Plus, if Dany were to die beyond The Wall, she would likely be burned in order to prevent her coming back as a wight — and being burned on a funeral pyre is one of the Dothraki requirements to enter the Night Lands after death.

Aside from the fact that Daenerys will abandon the chance to rule from the Iron Throne to go north, some fans believe that the snow in Dany's vision also foretells something else. "The snow on the Iron Throne predicts Jon Snow on the Iron Throne. It is known," commented one. Another agreed, adding: "If he was legitimate at birth, his claim is stronger than hers after all."

So not only could these visions predict that Daenerys dies beyond The Wall, but they might also suggest that Jon Snow takes up the mantle as king of Westeros. Wouldn't that be a plot-twist?

We're not going to lie — while we'd love to see how Dany fares as queen, we'd also love more scenes of her with Khal Drogo and her son. It seems like she hasn't been truly happy since she lost them; perhaps it wouldn't be a sad ending for her to return to them in the afterlife. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Image Source: HBO
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