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Discussing the Controversy Surrounding the Immunity Pin on MasterChef After Dani Venn Decides to Use It

The Controversy Around MasterChef's Immunity Pins. Discuss

It’s the outcome most of us had predicted: Dani Venn used her immunity pin to save herself from elimination on MasterChef. The immunity pin and challenges have been a huge talking point this series — fans have debated about the inconsistency between cooking challenges, some have noted that there’s always been at least one immunity pin in play during the competition, and even Matt Preston said on The Circle, “I don’t think it’s quite worked.” And let’s not forget the spoilers surrounding them, such as when Matt mistakenly wrote on Facebook that Hayden had won a second pin, and when promos showed Dani wearing one before her episode against Alessandro Pavoni had aired.

When Dani decided that she was going to use her pin, she faced a huge dilemma. On one hand, Alana had cooked well enough to stay out of elimination just before finals week. But from Dani’s perspective, what’s the point of having the pin if you’re not going to use it? Sure, some people may argue that she earned the pin easily in her cook-off against Eamon Sullivan, but should she have to feel so much guilt about using it? Or does it come down to timing and the fact that her decision came just before finals week?

Keep reading for more on last night’s elimination . . .

As a result, Alana Lowes took Dani’s place and had to compete against Ellie Paxton-Hall in a challenge that saw them revisiting the worst dishes they’ve cooked throughout the competition, and having to fix them up. Ellie was given the same ingredients for the dish she created during the Spanish challenge, as well as the same time limit (75 minutes) while Alana’s worst dishes were the lamb chops and pear dessert she cooked to save herself in elimination against Craig earlier in the series. With two dishes to cook and a time limit of 45 minutes, Alana’s food impressed more than Ellie’s and sent the 21-year-old student nurse home from the competition.

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